URGENT HELP: Blocks disappeared

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Hi can someone please help.

Iam having trouble contacting the developer that built my site.

But the blocks from the Navigation, to footer, video etc have all disappeared from the website.

Can any body help and point me to the right direction to bring this back.

Please see before and after screen shots.



Before.JPG76.95 KB
After.JPG113.2 KB


Obviously you or somebody

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Obviously you or somebody change something. Try returning to a old backup

Is there a way to get hold of

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Is there a way to get hold of an old backup though the server. As I can't get hold of the developer?

Sounds like contexts

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I suspect you may have reverted/disabled/deleted a context, or changed something on which a context depends. But if you cannot reach the developer, and don't have access to the server, there's not much you can do.


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