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It this article we are going to describe the problem that a lot of people face while managing their projects and the solution that we have found. This problem is accounting and forecasting working time for the diversified tasks. In our company we are managing several huge projects at a time and all of them require attention. And it often happens that the same employees are working with different projects. That is why it is very important to know the time needed for implementing this or that exact task. In Digital-business this problem is even more important because it is almost impossible to forecast something taking into account that the clients can ask for some last-minute amendments.
In our company we use the project management system called Redmine that fulfills almost all our requirements for working with projects. But it has one significant disadvantage. It is the fact that the time period required for the task fulfillment is stated by the performer himself that can sometimes give mistaken information about the process. In order to optimize the work of the whole team we need the pre-estimated time of the task solution to coincide with the actual situation. Analyzing previous statistics we came to the conclusion that the permissible difference between the estimation and actually spent time comprises approximately 30%. If this figure exceeds there is a need to find a problem.
That is why we developed a [[http://rmclient.org|Redmine timer]] that is operating in real time mode. Application [[http://rmclient.org|Redmine timer]] is now available for free for all who register on our website. The interface of it is represented by the timer with the list of tasks and it main function is to measure the time recording. When you start to work on some task you have to launch the timer by double-clicking the selected task in the list. Synchronizing with Redmine takes place every minute that guarantees the recorded time to be always up-to-date. In order to connect the timer to your account in Redmine you have to log-in server address and API key. The design is simple and convenient as it possesses only the most important functions:
· Key words and projects search
· Possibility to add comments to the task
· Elapsed time
As one of the convenient features we should mention pop-ups that appear every time you add new task. And if you forget to turn off the timer the program will mark your absence and will ask you if the downtime is to be recorded to the task as well. To summarize all the above, we should say that this timer has allowed us to solve a lot of problems within the company, to see what our time is really spent for and to allocate resources among projects more efficiently. Download and test this! http://rmclient.org

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Thx for sharing :)

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Thx for sharing :)

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