Where do you look for Drupal jobs?

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So I am now officially "between jobs", and I'm wondering where to post my resume for a Drupal development job. Any suggestions?


Drupal Development Jobs at Lingotek

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Hey webchuck, Lingotek is always looking for great Drupal developers. Shoot me an email at msmith@lingotek.com if you are interested.

Steer clear of the big names!

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In the past, I'd usually check out the big names like Monster.com and friends, but I think those are becoming increasingly spammy and a bit useless. You might try KSL Jobs, careers.stackoverflow.com, or even indeed.com. And for tech positions specifically, Dice might be a good option. Some Drupal devs also successfully turn a consulting gig into more of a full-time position by doing projects via Elance/Rentacoder/etc.

On top of all of that, I'm currently looking to hire on a second PHP developer at our startup. We're not a Drupal-specific shop, but are still very heavy into PHP! (For what it's worth, by working with us, you could add Wordpress to your CMS-resume; we have a deep integration into Wordpress Multisite :) ).

Our (very untraditional) job listing, including a bit of a "tech treasure hunt": http://www.ksl.com/jobs/listing/252421/23

I think Chris was at the last

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I think Chris was at the last meetup looking for developers too. If he hasnt hit you up you could reach out to him.


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