Dinner with Drupal

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2013-11-19 17:00 Europe/Amsterdam

Tuesday November 19 we'll have another Dinner with Drupal. Between 17:30 and 18:30 a number of presentations will be given, after which we will have dinner at the venue.

There are two spots for community-powered presentations. Would you like to share your knowledge or ideas? Please contact me.

We'll meet at Brasserie De Kater in downtown Enschede. This cafe/restaurant can easily be reached by bike, car, bus, or train.

We welcome everybody who uses Drupal, or everybody who wants to start using it. You don't have to be a guru to attend. There will be developers, designers, businesspeople, newbies and hardcore users. Over the past few editions of this event, attendees have come from all across the Netherlands and Germany.

17:00 Doors open
17:30 First presentation
18:00 Second presentation
18:30 Dinner


As g.d.o's signup and social

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As g.d.o's signup and social possibilities are pretty much non-existent: in less than a week ten people already signed up for the meeting, including people from outside the Netherlands. If you'd like to hitch a ride with someone, or if you have room for more people in your car, you can request or offer this through the Facebook event or by tweeting to @DinnerDrupal.

The first presentation will

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The first presentation will be given by Michiel Kokee and Daniel Beeke. They will share their passion for making custom (and interactive) maps. Their tools include Qgis and Tilemill, and they will show us how to combine geographic data, custom map styling and content out of a Drupal site into a Leaflet map. Visit http://danielbeeke.github.io/inbraken-in-uw-buurt/#14/52.1000/5.0000 for a good example that uses recently published data by the Dutch police.

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