2013-11-15 Drupal上海·戴文培训日/ Drupal Training Day in Shanghai at Davyin

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2013-11-15 10:00 - 17:00 Asia/Shanghai
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Training (free or commercial)

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日期 周五,2013年11月15日 联系人 Yvonne Chen / DYdave
时间 10:00 - 17:00 语言 中文,英文
详情 查看完整说明 地图 谷歌 /百度 地图
花费 无。请自备电脑。 地点 中山北路900号2号楼311室
用餐 请自行解决。 地铁 1号线:中山北路站
出站后路线:谷歌/ 百度 地图


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To end up this year's great serie of Global Training Days, join us in Shanghai for a full day training Introduction to Drupal, free of charge, to learn the basics of Drupal and take a faster start building websites with professional and experienced trainers who will take you through real-life examples, tutorials, experts' tips and best practices.

In general, this training course is free, open to everyone (please sign-up in advance) and highly suitable to anybody who would like to learn how to build a website or would be interested in discovering Drupal, with or without Drupal and/or development/application experience (PHP/HTML/CSS/JS knowledge is not required).
Our main objective would be to provide concrete information and transfer enough knowledge to participants about Drupal capabilities to arouse their curiosity to keep exploring further beyond the scope of the Training.

Through concrete use cases, real-life examples and demonstrations, participants will be shown how to build a website with Drupal and perhaps try finding a potential concrete field of application in their professional areas.
For more details, please check the complete curriculum.

By demonstrating some of the most common mistakes made by site builders who would think Drupal could be approached like any other PHP project (with hacks in Core or hard-coded logic in template files), trainers will try illustrating the "Drupal way" with Tips, Resources, Community Hubs (Getting help) and Best Practices Guidelines.
Hopefully, this might prevent some sites from being built with Drupal in terrible unsustainable ways, which people generally see as a failure of the software, when it is actually due to a lack of training or experience from site builders, ultimately penalizing Drupal's reputation and perceived image.

We would like to invite anybody who would be curious or have an interest in discovering Drupal and would like to be driven by experienced professionals in order to take a fast start, on the right track, with the right resources.

It is highly advised that you try to bring your laptop for more convenience.
We would greatly appreciate any of your questions, comments, feedbacks, ideas, recommendations or concerns on any aspects of this event or its organization and would surely be glad to provide more information.

Thanks in advance to everyone for your support and getting involved! We're definitely looking forward to this Global event!

Seat limited! Sign-up by clicking on the button below.

Event's details:

Date Friday, November 15, 2013 Contacts Yvonne Chen / DYdave
Time 10:00 - 17:00 Language Chinese
Details See detailed event description Maps Map on Google / Baidu
Cost None other than your own material/laptop. Location Room 311, Building 2, Number 900, North Zhongshan road
Food At the expense of participants. Subway Line 1, station: North Zhong Shan Road / 中山北路.
Directions on Google / Baidu


  Davyin Internet Solutions on Drupal.org
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希望这种培训以后越办越好。感谢高峰老师,感谢Yvonne Chen。


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Yvonne Chen是我见过的戴文公司气质美女,在她的影响下,我急躁的心情都变得舒缓了