Document on building Drupal on Windows 2008

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We certainly don't recommend using Windows as a web server, but some organizations just don't have any other option for a server environment.

In looking for a best practice for implementing Drupal 7 on IIS, we wrote up the following guide:

We don't pretend to be Windows Server Admins, but found existing guides inadequate. We would like to have more collaboration around this document, so if you are interested in contributing, please let us know.

Hopefully this is able to help more organizations adopt Drupal 7.


Thanks, plus two quick suggestions

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Thanks for putting this together and sharing it with the community. It looks like a very useful guide.

Two quick suggestions from a first glance:

  1. The hyperlinks in the PDF have all been rewritten as Google Doc URLs, including the internal bookmarks and links in the Table of Contents. This appears to be a bug in the export as PDF function in Google Docs which you must have used to create the file:
    pdf export creates external instead of internal links []
    Possibly, you can export as ODF and then use LibreOffice/OpenOffice to export again as PDF to get proper links? That's just a guess.

  2. On the download page over at OpenConcept, you might rephrase your explanation to make it really explicitly clear that in order to download the PDF you have to fill in the contact form. It wasn't until after I filled in the form that I understood exactly how you intended the download to work! And you might refer to the the "following form" differently as technically it only "follows" if you're using a screen reader or narrow viewport.

Thanks again for sharing, this looks great!


Drupal works nicely on Windows

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I have been running Drupal on Windows very successfully, and easily.
I started with XP then onto Server 2008, then Server 2008R2, and on Vista and Windows7 as Developer / testing machine and it has gotten easier each time round.

Simple instructions will be very worthwhile, because there are some oddities that need to be circumvented, but the how-to's that are available cover just about everything that you need to setup properly.

I will go over your document and comment if there are any areas which need a tweak!