DrupalEd Now Available

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DrupalEd is now available for download --

The full announcement is available here --

In distributing this version, we opted to distribute the site as a tarball with all relevant code and third-party libraries. Down the road, we'd like to figure out a way around this, but given that both TinyMCE and the audio module require LGPL'd libraries that can't be hosted on d.o, AND that many people in education are working through software issues without a great deal of tech support, we figured a tarball with all the necessary code would lower the barrier to entry sigificantly.

However, we would like to move away from this in the medium to long term -- we'd love to hear some ideas on ways around this --

This version bundles some useful functionality, it is by no means done -- the biggest priority short term is to build out an install profile, but we'll be writing up some more comprehensive notes over the next week.

So, enjoy the site!




Congrats, all! Many thanks

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Congrats, all! Many thanks to all who worked on it, this will go far for many. Think.com is not adequate enough for our school :)


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Indeed! Great work. :-)

I hope this helps put a nail in the coffin of the BlackBoard monster.

To start

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Just to start, it would be wonderful to get a list of directories/files that were added to core. Then a list of files that were changed from core. That way people with some smarts can add this to their current install.

I'll go ahead and install your whole shebang this weekend and give feedback.

Core code is not touched

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One of our guiding principles in developing this was not to touch core, and use code that is available on d.o, or from other trusted sources.

The list of contrib modules is broken down here -- the only code in the site that is not hosted on d.o is TinyMCE and the getid3 libraries.

TinyMCE is in the TinyMCE module folder, and the getid3 libraries are in misc/lib --

All contrib modules and themes are in the sites/all folder.




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This seems to offer a lot of great stuff. Is there a test site already up anywhere?

Awesome potential

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I run a nonprofit in Vermont which helps students write better. We engage them to write, provide information to help them improve and publish their best work in partner news media and on stage.
We do a lot in the classroom and I have started developing closed sites for specific class use. I am presently using Wordpress which I find servicable at best. Even so, the results are fantastic -- the kids respond in ways that are inspiring.

I have been watching your progress on the DrupalEd project for some time and am thrilled to see your latest work. I see vast potential for what we are doing. I've loaded it up on our server and am playing with it on the side to learn its capabilities and potential. Our main site, by the way, is a 4.7 Drupal product.

I am noodling on the prospect of making your DrupalEd product the foundation for a new iteration of our site which I plan to undertake this summer. My hope is to improve the design -- to make the site easier to understand and navigate and, as they say, look cooler -- while at the same time expand its capabilities INCLUDING its use as a resource for classroom and course work. I won't bore you with all the ideas we are envisioning.

So my big questions are these:

1) Is DrupalEd suited to installation of other Drupal modules or are their incompatiblities? For instance, I use actions/workflow/modr8 in a big way. Do they affect OG or anything else you've got up and running? Are there other modules that simply don't work with the DrupalEd configuration? What about CCK and/or CivicCRM?

2) Is there somewhere some documentation on how I might, once I set up the new DrupalEd5.1 site, smoothly move the database from the existing site to the new site? This is tricky in that I want to make sure I move over users, blogs, forums, and other content.....

If this is not the appropriate place to ask about this, please direct me to the proper place, but I look forward to your response.


Geoffrey Gevalt

Thanks for the feedback

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Hello, Geoffrey,

DrupalEd is ready to be expanded through the use of additional modules -- there is no reason why actions, workflow, and modr8 wouldn't work -- there are actually a lot of people who would be interested in hearing about how you are using these modules -- it would make a great write-up, and one that we could bundle into the distribution as a documentation page in the wiki (I'm envisioning an "Expand your install" section here)

CCK is already installed in the site, but I haven't used CiviCRM, so I can't speak to that from firsthand experience.

RE Improving the design/boring me with the details: Please, share the details! And, if there are elements to your revised/reworked theme you would like to contribute back that don't dilute your site's identity, please share them back.

Basically, it sounds like you're doing some great stuff, and this could be a great place to get feedback on your work from a group of like-minded folks, and also make the next release stronger. I'm looking at DrupalEd as a work in progress, with a bunch of ways it can be improved. The more hands on deck, the better!



DrupalEd Questions

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Hi Bill,

You've done an admirable job putting together this release and sample data. I've been playing with it a bit and now feel I can ask some questions.

My setup would be in a K-8 public school and the initial users would be an after school robotics club and a middle school writing class currently using Edublogs. The writing class will be easy to setup, the club is presenting some issues.

I would have a mix of registered (students, teachers, volunteers) and anonymous users (parents, other interested parties) accessing the site. So first issue is the welcome page. I would like to have the welcome page vary by role. The default welcome page, I would want for teachers and administrators. The welcome page for students would be mywork. For anonymous users or registered volunteers I would want a page showing public announcements, a directory of groups and schedule of upcoming meetings.

Question 1. Do you have a reason you did not use the frontpage module?
Question 2. Do you have a reason you did not use events? I really need og_calendar type functionality.


Just guessing, but . .

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Just guessing, but . . .

With CCK/Date and Views/Calendar you should be able to easily recreate the Events calendar, and have more flexibility. Using that combination you can have as many different calendars as you need (on some of the sites I'm working on, for instance, the schools want a Menu calendar for their school cafeteria -- but I'd rather not clutter the calendar of events with tater tots . . . so I'm doing completely separate calendars. That's not so easy to do with the Event module.


RE the calendar: it's already there

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RE the calendar: it's already there. Navigate to andmin --> views, and the third view from the top will be the calendar (unless you have added additional views) -- this calendar is visible at http://yoursite.com/?q=calendar/event -- the nodes that show up on this calendar are the "event" nodes, and as the site ships, user in the site admin and maintainer role can create events.

To make a group-specific event calendar, reverse engineer the assignment calendar. You should also look at how content is inserted into courses (ie, all the views that begin with group_) -- there is a documentation wiki page on this that ships with the site called "Creating Courses" that explains how to do this -- if you cloned the group_assignment view and changed the node type filter to event (from assignment) you would have your group-specific calendar.

RE Frontpage: using tpl.php files, it's pretty straightforward to theme the home page differently. One of our concerns is maintaining the distribution over time, so (although this might be hard to believe looking at the modules list :) ) we tried to limit the number of modules we shipped with the site. With that said, it'd be pretty easy to install the frontpage module, and one of our goals with this profile was to give people a good base from which to work.



Not quite so simple

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I had expected to come back with "Thanks, that was easy!". But that's not how it turned out.

I cloned the group_assignment view, enabled events as a content type for groups, fixed the timezones everywhere, thought I was golden...

This will work if you provide the group id as an argument on the url, but will not work for a block display. Context is lost. This is a known problem many people have tried to get around in the last six months. I played with the views in DrupalEd and found the same case - events are not filtered by group from the Primary Links and in blocks, you only get a group filter by adding an argument to the url. I tried many of the strategies described in the forums, none of which were satisfactory.

The fix exists for this - in HEAD. I pulled OG from HEAD and found that a new filter in og_views.inc provides group context to views.

Embed the view in the group home page

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When creating a course, you have the option to embed views (in the highlighted content section) -- this gives you the course nid that then acts as a filter --

I'm glad to hear that there is a more generic option in HEAD -- I haven't had a chance to try that out yet.

Cheers, Bill

K-8 suport group?

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Hi Eric -

I'm also at a K-8 school - I'd love to maybe set up a "birds of a feather" K8 support group. (I'm also a fair hand at Drupal, but no SQL wiz. ;-))

We've been working with Bill on a more portfolio-specific implementation (rather than "working groups" / "social networking"). We're in the fund-raising phase right now, because we want some specific funcitonality / customization that - well, I could try to implement, but I dont' have the time nor the PHP skills. ;-)


The Smoking Goat aka Greg Beuthin

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I would like to test in deep but a lot of problems I am having with simple things as default home page. Themes is only running for admin.
Now Anonymus has Access denied
Although DrupalEd sound good, we are a lot intersting in Academic web-system now for http://VISiYES.eu project and we have develop some similar solution for RTD websites http://consen.info I can't spend more time at this level.
I await next distro

en Ferran Cabrer i Vilagut - Skype: Ferran.Cabrer
CONSEN.org - Euro-Cluster Pro-Information Society
MUFICATA s.l. - Natural Information Environments
T1:+34 934238267 T2: +34 93 423 9164 M:+34 600649364 F:+34 934233430
Jaume Fabra 12 08004 Barcelona

A couple questions --

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With some information from you, it probably wouldn't be too hard to figure out the nature of the problems you are having --

What are the details of your server (linux version, apache version, mysql version, php version)?

Were you able to install the release successfully -- ie, are you looking at install issues, or problems that arose after you installed the site? Knowing whether we are troubleshooting installation issues of configuration issues will also help us know where to look.

RE anonymous users receiving an access denied message: that sounds like access control working. In the access control settings, have anonymous users been denied the rights (in the node module settings) to access content? Are anonymous users attempting to view content that has been set to private within the group?

RE the work you are doing for consen.info -- that looks like some great work! Given that that site is running Drupal, are you developing your learning solutions in Drupal as well? Will any of that work be released back into the OS community? From this page (http://consen.info/project/WEKOMS) it seems that your organization is doing a fair amount of Drupal development in-house -- I'd love to see some of your contributions get folded back into future versions of DrupalEd.

I just looked at your site at ecentres.net/ -- you are using a custom theme, and the site clearly installed without issue (ie, the sample users show up in the "Who's New" block, which wasn't enabled on the default install) -- The theme not showing up on certain pages could be attributable to a file location being hardcoded in the custom theme, or any one of many possible issues that could be present in the hosting environment, or with some other type of user/config error -- Possibly, someone set an admin theme and deleted the folder containing the default theme? My suggestion is that you dump your current db, start from scratch, and find out exactly what settings change starts to cause your problems.
---End Edit---




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I have it installed, Bill, thanks so much for the combined efforts of yourself and all of the other wonderful people you listed in the credits paragraph. This week, I will try to poke around in there more and let you know my findings.

~~ Amy Stephen ~~


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I look forward to hearing your feedback --



spanish translation.

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any spanish translation?


I'd love to get internationalization in place --

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To date, I don't know if anyone has used the internationalization/localization solutions to bring the site live in another language -- if so, I'd love to hear about it, and do either (or both) of these things:

  1. Ship translation instructions with future versions of DrupalEd; and/or
  2. Work with folks to create the .po files for any modules in the install that do not have them --

English is my first language, and I'm comfortable in French, with rudimentary Spanish, which is a long way of saying that I don't have much experience with internationalization --

Is there anyone in the community who is willing to take the lead on this? We'd love to see this incorporated into the install, and, if this could also filter back to the community in the form of more translations/more documentation, so much the better.



Great Job.

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you did great job.
But I have some problems using it.
At some point, when logging out from admin or user,
All I get are blank pages :
with those errors :
PHP Notice: Undefined index: q in /var/www/html/drupaled-5.1-1/sites/all/modules/bio/bio.module on line 8
PHP Notice: Undefined index: token in /var/www/html/drupaled-5.1-1/sites/all/modules/tokenauth/tokenauth.module on line 7
PHP Notice: Undefined index: tokenauth_auth in /var/www/html/drupaled-5.1-1/sites/all/modules/tokenauth/tokenauth.module on line 22
PHP Notice: Undefined property: stdClass::$cache in /var/www/html/drupaled-5.1-1/includes/session.inc on line 77

And I have to enter a pagename (say mywork for instance) to recover some content.
Is there a way to fix this ?

I have never seen this issue on a DrupalEd install!

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And it makes me curious...

First, a couple questions: what can you tell us about your server environment? MySQL, PHP, Apache versions, and Linux flavor and version.

Second, did this problem exist from the outset? If yes, then I'd bet the database didn't import properly, and I'd recommend dropping tables and starting from scratch. Or,, make sure that the codebase uploaded properly by re-uploading the files mentioned in the error: the bio module, tokenauth, and session.inc

If the site initially worked fine and this error occurred after some use/configuration, try and retrace your steps. Have you made any config changes to the site? If so, what were they? Perhaps by backtracking you can get to the change that introduced the error.

Feel free to come back with more info/additional questions.



More Information

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On my system :
Mandriva 2007.1
Linux kernel 2.6.17-13
With mysql 4.1
PHP 5.2.1
apache 2.2.4

I dropped the base and imported data through phpmyadmin. Same problem.

I had another problem when loading access control page.

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 25165824 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 204801 bytes) in /var/www/html/drupaled-5.1-1/sites/all/themes/zen_trevor/page.tpl.php on line 83

I simply logged out.
Then loaded the page.
When I get back through previous button, it shows access denied page. (Which is normal)
But no information about why it is showing blank page.

Another information that could be interesting. But I doubt it interfere. I am logged in on another drupal site in a tab (this drupal site is also on localhost.)

Error and blank

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The error and blank page means that you don't have enough memory allocated for php. You'll want to bump it up to 25M or 30M. Mine is already at 35M. You can do that in your base install by adding a line to the .htaccess file (there are other methods). Just do a search on "allowed memory size" and you'll find a bunch of ways to fix it.

i don't have any problem

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i don't have any problem like this... maybe is a server conf. problem.

Question on sites

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First of all, thanks for setting this up, I am excited with the possibilities.
I am new to drupal and I'm trying to set up drupaled with the idea that I'll be adding more sites. We are a school and I like building sites to be separated from the main site, yet share resources like users, etc (Is this correct?).
With that in mind I've installed and created the database tables with the prefix "main_" so that I will be able to add other sites later. I edited the oa_drupaled.sql file and added the prefix to all of the CREATE TABLES and INPUT statements and everything installs and the sites appears to be working correctly. However, when I try to modify any settings or add new content I get duplicate id errors such as:

user warning: Duplicate entry '3' for key 1 query: INSERT INTO main_menu (mid, pid, path, title, description, weight, type) VALUES (3, 10, 'admin/settings/ldapauth', 'LDAP Integration', 'Configure LDAP settings', 0, 22) in /var/www/drupal/includes/database.mysqli.inc on line 151.

Usually, the content is still created but after a while things (like assignments) that gave me these errors begin to disappear, probably being overwritten in the database.

Is this set-up possible and appropriate?

If I'm on the wrong track, let me know or if anyone has suggestions for problem solving this let me know. I'm sure others will try to do the same.

Question for creators of DrupalEd

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Your project for distribution of Drupal in DrupalEd and connection of DrupalEd+Moodle+CivilCRM harmonizes with us. Our association, The Czech association for nutrition and vegetarianism (ČSVV), has been working on three projects for the last three years: ‘Teachers’ workshop’, ‘Drupal group’ and ‘The School of safe and vegetarian nutrition’.

We have been trying to find suitable and open CMS and LMS systems. CMS Drupal used to be one of our candidates but thanks to your recent project became our only candidate. We have already installed your DrupalEd distribution and are trying to learn how to use it now. We are very enthusiastic about it. In order to fully realize our projects we need to finish the installation of some of the Drupal modules listed bellow.

  1. We would like to ask if the modules listed bellow are going to work without any problem in DrupalEd?

For the ‘Teachers’ workshop’ project of ČSVV:
• Biblio 5.x 1.4 http://drupal.org/node/69435/release
• Footnotes http://drupal.org/project/footnotes

For the ‘Drupal group’ project of ČSVV:
• Organizational Infrastructure http://drupal.org/project/oi
• Organic Groups Sites http://drupal.org/project/og_sites
• Multisite Manager http://drupal.org/project/multisite_manager

Additionally required modules for the projects listed above:
• Weight http://drupal.org/project/weight
• Localizer http://drupal.org/project/localizer

  1. We would also like to install Drupal 5. in Czech language. Is it going to work without any problem?

  2. We would also like to install CiviCRM 1.8 (including modules CiviMember, CiviMail a CiviContribute) and Moodle 1.8.1. Is it going to work without any problem?

Yours sincerely

Jaroslav Škvařil with his team
The leader of CSVV projects: ‘Drupal group’, ‘Teachers’ workshop’, ‘The school of CSVV’

Some yes, some maybe --

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Hello, Jaroslav,

Thanks for the post, and I'm glad that DrupalEd is useful for your project -- your work sounds interesting, and I'd love to see some urls to the sites you are building.

DrupalEd is built on unmodified core Drupal, so most of the modules in contrib can be installed. Due to the use of Organic Groups in DrupalEd, however, I would recommend care in using other access control modules.

RE the Czech Language translation, I would verify that the contrib modules you need also have working translations in place. If they don't, this could be something you could contribute back -- I would love to see support for DrupalEd in as many languages as possible.

RE Biblio, Footnotes, Weight, and Localizer, those should work fairly well.

RE OI, OG Sites, and the Multisite Manager, those are all fairly powerful and complex, and new modules -- IIRC, all three are dev releases, which translates into an increased likelihood of bugs.

RE Civi* modules -- this is similar to the OG-related modules. While these modules are well supported by good devs within the community, there will probably be some time required to configure these modules correctly and perform minor bugfixes that arise.

I hope this is helpful -- feel free to post back here with questions, or to use the issue queue on drupal.org to report issues on specific modules.



Tools for Teachers

Teachers Workshop project

Jaroslav Klaso's picture

Hi Bill,
According to your recommendation, our administrator will install first version with DrupalEd with modules Biblio, Footnotes and Weight. He will also install a second version DrupalEd where he will add modules E OI, OG Sites and the Multisite Manager, CiviCRM and Moodle.
I will let you know, if we will manage to activate the Czech translation. Otherwise, we will make the Czech translation ourselves and I will send it to you.
We are currently running the web of our organization on Mabo and it is available on www.csvv.cz. More options become available for the visitor after registration. However, everything is in Czech language only.

If you are interested in the Teachers Workshop project, I am more than happy to send you more information about it. We are currently trying to get grant for this project.

Apart from the already available function of DrupalEd we would like to also use interconnection of the following instruments in our project:
• Bibliographic sorting of scientific literature or scientific media on the Internet
• Drupal-Biblio
• Drupal-Footnotes

Even though, the above instruments are available on the web, the following functions required for our project are still missing:
• Import or better synchronization in saved documents in Zotero with Drupal’s module Biblio
• The ability of Drupal module Biblio to offer bibliographic information, that is saved in it, to the people who visit the website so that they are then able to import it using Zotero in a similar way in which it is already done on the scientific websites

Do you think you would be able to help me with the issues that I have mentioned above?

Thank you and I wish you all the best in your projects


to Jaroslav Klaso

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Amazing! I want get grant for similar project for South Federal University in Russia!
Can you help me please upload DrualED to rapidshare.com or depositfiles and post link here.
I want Drupaled for testing, but cannot get it - all links i found are broken!!

Please indicate the urls

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Please indicate the urls where you found broken links. The most recent announcement is here: http://www.funnymonkey.com/drupaled-5-6-0 -- the download link in that announcement works.



Tools for Teachers


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Very strange but this link is not work:

I searched google for valid link, but all links are redirect to this invalid...

I tried to download via flashget, via mouse left click, via menu "save target as..." but nothing
only file size 0 kb

I think so popular distributions must have several sources to download and rapidshare.com is good way to do it

Link is working fine for me

bonobo's picture

And I tested on several computers, with IE, Opera, and FF --

I just grabbed a copy using the link you posted by right-clicking, and "Save File As"

Sorry to hear you are having issues --



Tools for Teachers

now works!!! gooodd what

joomlerrostov's picture

now works!!! gooodd
what about tranlation full package into russian language? How easily ?

what if drupal upgrades to 6 version, how do i upgrade drupaled ?
I need wait your new distribution or i can do it in several steps by myself ?

And to all: do you know Drupal package with possibilities like Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 ?
to develop, deploy corporative social networks ?

Drupal 6

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Hi Bill and Group..

Thanks for putting this install together.
I am going to try it with a tertiary Media Production course in the coming session.
My first q is - has anyone upgraded a DrupalEd install to Drupal 6? I was hoping to use the share this module.. and a couple of others that seem to prefer 6....



Drupal 6 on the way

bonobo's picture

But, as of this writing, there are still some modules needing to be ported --

Also, when we upgrade to the D6 version, we'll do some menu/usability cleanup -- as one example, we will rework all the views to take advantage of the additional functionality of Views2 --

And, for those who want to help with the upgrade and ongoing maintenance -- there's no time like the present! Reply to this thread, and I'll be in touch via the contact form when the time to update is upon us.

Also, one of our higher priorities is to develop a real install profile to simplify the install process. Any and all help appreciated.



Tools for Teachers

I would love helping upgrading to d6

sumitk's picture

Hi Bill
just saw your post
I would like to help upgrading to Drupal 6 as I myself wanna use Drupled 6 for my new college website

sumit kataria

Demo site

kappaluppa's picture

Is there a demo site we can check out?

Upgraded to Drupal 6

bls20's picture

Hi Bill,

Sounds like Drupal Ed might be prefect for what we're working on, i haven't seen much commet on the project in any forums for the past 6 months, is it still alive and where would i ind the latest version?

Also would this be compatible with drupal6?