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Open University launches a community platform with Drupal

The Open University recently launched a platform based on Drupal.

The site is here: http://www.open.ac.uk/platform/

And a nice write-up of the site is here.

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New Book: Drupal for Education and E-Learning

Hello, all,

At the risk of indulging in shameless promotion, I wanted to announce that I wrote a book on using Drupal in Education -- I have an announcement on d.o about it, but I also wanted to post here to get the word out.

The book is titled Drupal for Education and E-learning, and it's due out from Packt Publishing in late October. The book targets Drupal 6, and it's geared toward non-developers and site admins.

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Adopting Drupal as a learning tool within K12

I came across this thread recently, titled "Moodle as 'the killer app'" -- the author of the original post is Wes Fryer, a very respected edtech blogger.

Also, at the risk of stating the obvious, I don't see Drupal and Moodle as competing within education -- there are things Drupal does well, there are things Moodle does well, and when faced with a choice you use the best tool for the job.

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Members of Drupal in Education

Bosire, a teacher of English. Teachers all up to children aged 18 yrs (A levels). I have been using Joomla, PHP, CSS, for years for 5 years now. I have used drupal for 6 months and I have a small drupal website www.tradehalls.com, but I am currently developing it. I am interested in teaming up with themers and developers to come up with solutions that can make online learning fun and very interactive.

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Interesting presentation/thread on universities using Drupal

From Dries' blog: http://buytaert.net/many-universities-use-drupal

It includes an embedded presentation by Paul Albert of Cornell University on adopting Drupal. Also, the comment thread is worthwhile reading.



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easy way to upload photos into posts?

I'm looking for an "easy-peasy" way to put photos into posts. Since I work mostly with middle school students, it's got to be pretty simple. They're all used to finding a browse button, and hitting upload or something similar.

I have tried the image_assist module, the image module, and the IMCE module. All with TinyMCE editor. The closest one is the ICME, but that still takes about 3 more steps than I'd like.

I'm posting here because I figured some here would understand the middle school mind!

I'm using Drupal 5.7.


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Arguments for and against using Drupal

Hello, all,

I wanted to get some feedback from the group regarding rolling Drupal within your school/organization, and begin creating a resource page for other people looking to introduce Drupal into their school/organization.

What are the common arguments in favor of using Drupal?

What arguments have people encountered against using Drupal?

What resources/arguments have been helpful overcoming concerns about using Drupal?

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K-12 Rollout, Phase 2

Greetings and Salutations,

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Drupal based Education Sites

Please edit this wiki page to capture Drupal-based, education-related web sites, case studies, tools and other resources. When you do, also add a bullet to the Change Log at the bottom.

See also:
* This earlier list of colleges and schools using drupal.
* A breakdown describing how Drupal is used within Berkeley.

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Guidelines for Drupal in Education Group

These best practices are by the members and for the members of this group. If you'd like to improve them, please edit this page.

Or, if you'd prefer just to leave feedback, comment on this thread: Group Redesign in Progress.

Navigating this Group

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