ROLL CALL for DrupalCamp Chicago Next Weekend! & Ride Share

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Hey gang!
I'm really looking forward to this camp, not just because I get to do the all day training but because this is a great group of ppl that I really enjoy spending time with. I have other business in Chicago so I'm heading out Wednesday.

Over the years we have occasionally shared rides together or even grabbed a MegaBus together! [Yah, that was me and 3 others in 2008 bussing to Chicago for their, and our, 1st Camp ever!]

While I'm not available for getting anyone to or from the gig, I'd like to offer up this post to create a space where individuals can coordinate any plans to get out there and enjoy the 6th annual DrupalCampChicago! While the 2008 camp was my 1st, this one is my 38th! I'd love to see as any Hoosiers there as possible.

So here it is... If you're planning on going, please reply to this thread. Even if you have no room for stowaways, It would be nice to know who's coming.

And if you DO have room.... :-)

C U There gang!


If I can be a stowaway

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then I'm planning to go!