GLADCamp: Spreading the Word

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So in preparation for tomorrow's meeting at Droplabs, I am piecing together list of specific Drupal shops/data centers to target, split largely by location. The first phase is to contact these places by either phone or email, and then to arrange a meeting with them to discuss additional participation. A Powerpoint or other form of presentation will be created that each of us can use for these presentations, wherever we do them.

Since I live in DTLA, I am thinking mostly to approach the businesses within this area, and don't foresee myself going much further than Hollywood. That leaves Riverside/Orange County, the Valley and the West Side businesses, so those who've volunteered to help, keep in mind what areas make the most sense to you.


I am available

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When you get the list together, remember I offered to help contact those in the Pasadena area. Riverside would be a stretch but Burbank, Glendale, and the other cities in the area.

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