Vagrant and Drupal

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My fancy homebrew + dnsmasq & virtual host custom mamp localdev didn't make it past my upgrade to Mavericks... not wanting to go back to MAMP I decided it was time to learn how to use Vagrant. I'm liking it! It's basically a wrapper for vmware or virtual box that makes it handy to spin up isolated local test environments that you can create and destroy at will.

Two useful Drupal related projects: is handy if you're using virtualbox is useful but the boxes aren't well maintained. is something I haven't tested yet, but might be a better start than drupal-up


meh w/ drupal-up

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Even the d8 box requires you to manually reset the root mysql pass, a2enable rewrite, and set override all in sites-enabled/default. A little annoying for an automated dev environment, but should be easy enough to tweak.

You might also try Drupal VDD

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I've been playing with another project, Drupal Virtual Development Environment. This uses Vagrant along with Chef Solo; by default, it does everything except actually download Drupal and run the installer. It's slick, and the Chef support makes it possible (although not easy) to add functionality.

Since I need to support a couple of guys on a pretty elaborate install, this has worked out well; even my funky PEAR libraries can get installed automatically before they even get to "vagrant ssh". If some of the other Vagrant projects don't do what you need, you might try VDD to see if you can coerce it into doing what you need.


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I was going to try that nginx one on github and see if it's closer to what I want - I've only started playing with Varnish recently, so the closer something is to what I want the better. :)

I'll try out yours and compare.

Ariadne is another option

erutan's picture - Ariadne is a customized implementation of Vagrant and allows for easy deployment of Drupal installation profiles to a local VM. Another nice feature is that it attempts to emulate Acquia’s infrastructure.

A client of mine hosts stuff on Acquia cloud, so this appeals to me.