Give Drupal a Birthday Present: Tackle a D8 Issue!

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2014-01-15 08:00 - 2014-01-16 02:00 Europe/London
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January 15th will be Drupal’s 13th birthday. That’s right, Drupal is going to be a teenager! And like many teenagers, it has a lot of issues. So we’re asking community members to set aside some time on the 15th to tackle a Drupal 8 issue as a birthday gift.

Why should you participate?

If you are like most Drupal developers, you have been telling yourself for months that you should start contributing to Drupal 8. This sprint is your chance to get started, together with others. If you have already started to work on Drupal 8 core or contrib, join with other contributors, hang out in irc, and work on manageable tasks in the Drupal core queue. The goal is to help with Drupal 8, and there will be help to help you do that.


A laptop with a development environment set up in advance (with the latest Drupal 8 from git) will help you be efficient on the work party day.

The development environment document lists the tools you will want to set up in advance. If you have any questions as you work on setting up, please ask in irc in #drupal or #drupal-contribute or tweet @YesCT.

To participate:

  • Go to your calendar now and set aside some time on January 15th.
  • Join the #drupal IRC channel. It's more fun working real time together! has nice video instructions on how to use IRC. Just join #drupal and say you are there working on issues as part of Drupal’s birthday.
  • Pick an issue:
    • If you have issues you want to work on already, great!
    • If you do not have an issue in mind, you might like to:
      • find someone in IRC who can match you up with an issue to work on.
      • or pick from change notices that need you
      • or pick from priority Drupal 8 core issues mentors have found that have small actionable tasks. Search for issues tagged DrupalWorkParty (Mentors will start tagging issues a few days before the event.)
  • Important: Make a comment on the issue saying what you plan to do and assign the issue to yourself.

    Edit the issue to assign it and make a comment like:
    screenshot showing to edit, assign, tag and comment

Please tweet to let people know you’re helping out! Use the #DrupalWorkParty hashtag. For fun, check out the twitter wall.

Thank you for your gift!

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yeah great idea !!!But Can

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yeah great idea !!!

But Can we set up a code sprint on D8 issues world wide on the same day ?

it is. :)

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That's the idea. :) People can work on their own if they like, or to work together, using twitter (#DrupalWorkParty) and irc (#drupal) to sprint together. Since it is all over the world and people have various time availability (maybe only a couple hours), people will come and go as they can.

Or were you thinking of something else/more?

Cathy Theys

yeah we have setup D8 code

Manjit.Singh's picture

yeah we have setup D8 code sprint tomorrow . We have 12-15 peoples here in Srijan Technology Dharamshala.

Timings will be : 4:30 AM to 7:30 AM EST

I think we would get some help on IRC and Twitter at that time.


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We are planing sprint for migrate module

Assinging an issue to

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Assinging an issue to yourself is 75% of all cases the start of slowing down speed on the issue, as people don't take it over as it is "blocked" :(

Yep. Assigning can seem very

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Yep. Assigning can seem very "official". Assigning works best when someone is actively working on a new patch, and when after they post it, they unassign it from themselves.

Posting a comment saying what someone is about to do is the most helpful. (As is posting another comment with updates when they walk away from the computer for the day/night, even if that post is only questions they ran into, or a broken partially done patch.)

We do want to give people (especially new people) a chance to post work. It might take them longer since it could be a new process they are going through.

If anyone is wondering if they can take over an issue that is blocked/assigned to someone else, here is what I usually like to do, when I want to work on an issue that is assigned to someone else:

If it has been weeks or months, I edit the issue and unassign it, making a comment thanking them for the work they did, saying it has been a while, and if they have any work, to go ahead and post it, and then say what I'm about to do.

If it has been only a few days, it is more likely they have some work they are part way through. I make a comment asking if they have any intermediate work to post or questions to ask. Then I wait before starting to work on the issue. If they dont reply in a day or so, then I unassign it and make a comment thanking them for what they did do, and saying they can jump right back in by making a comment, and then say what I'm about to do.

If it has been less than a day, I will look for them in irc (which is another reason why it is useful for people to be in irc, use the same or a similar irc nick as their d.o username, and fill out their irc nick field in their d.o profile). If I find them in irc, we might work together there. If I cannot find them, I just wait. It had only been a day. :)

[edit] this reminds me of the d.o issue : "Assigned" field is confusing and not appropriate in all circumstances. I welcome discussion there for how we an improve "assigning".

Cathy Theys

how can we help?

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Hi, This is Venky from KNS ( We have a team of ten Drupal developers and would like to contribute to Drupal. Could you please suggest some tasks?


We dont have many tagged as a

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We dont have many tagged as a priority yet ( We are hoping to get some tagged in the next 12 hours. [edit: we have 18 now. (Thanks Cottser.)]

So, working in teams on change records would be the other priority we have right now:

Remember, to get in irc, and ask questions there as you go through working on the change records.

We also have issues tagged Novice:

If you pick a Novice issue, be aware that the Novice tag might have been added for just one part of working on an issue (a task like reroll, screenshot, or a small fix in a patch that has lots of other things going on). Sometimes the tags get a bit old, so if you find an issue tagged Novice, but you cannot figure out what the Novice task is, ask in irc, or on the issue. The tag might just be out of date and need to be removed.

Another way of finding an issue to work on, is figuring out what kind of task you want to learn to do. Browse the Contributor Tasks child pages at Those have instructions for finding issues that are a certain task type.

In summary, try working on the change records. If those are not a good fit, then try something else. :)

And get in irc in #drupal, ping me or just announce to the room in general your question or ask for an issue to contribute to, and we can discuss there issues to match you up with. Did you have any questions about getting in irc?

Cathy Theys

Happy Birthday Drupal

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Yes, its a great idea to give a gift to Drupal by contributing in D8.

about idea

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This idea really not so bad...
Agree with RavindraSingh.