Help Desk system?

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Hi all!

Sorry for cross-posting, I'm not sure which place is better for such question.

I'm looking for a help desk system solution for Drupal. I tried one with promising name Support Ticketing System but I don't see there any basic functionality for general Help Desk.

Let me describe the problem.

There is a website for a trading company, they sell parts for cars. Many customers need help with selection. For this we are using HESK , which is very simple but has a number of drawbacks. Now we are migrating our website to Drupal and looking for another/better/integrated solution which includes HESK-like (read: basic) functions + some new:

1) Anonymous or authenticated client can create tickets of types like: general support ticket, website question, parts inquiry etc.
2) Every type has its own fields, CCK is fine for this.
3) After creating a ticket, the client gets UNIQUE ID of it.
4) Using this ID he or she can open it up again and see all activity like manager's replies, and post reply too until and if the ticked is closed
5) Managers visit admin section of system, see all incoming tickets of their type and may take new ones into processing.
6) A ticket, taken on processing by a manager is not available for other managers for replying until the manager finish processing.
7) Difference between anonymous and authenticated users is that authenticated users has history stored in their page while anonymous has only IDs.
8) All activity is duplicated via E-Mail.

Can Drupal do this?


It can be done using drupal

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Hi OnkelTem,

Your requirement can be done using drupal. You might not find a module which satisfy exact functionality, but you can do by using some of the modules and customize it to your need.
Check if it suits your requirement. Check link for more information about available drupal modules ticket tracking.

AJ Helpdesk

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I am using AJ Helpdesk Software for my helpdesk system It is the best php based helpdesk software.

How about Open Atrium +

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How about Open Atrium + ?

We are trying to 'eat our own dog food', by using Drupal for all aspects of our Drupal development company. The support tickets need fixes and love, but the basic ideas is there and simpler to use than casetracker.

Does it support anonymous

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Does it support anonymous tickets? And why making it OA-dependant? To my mide, OA has vary bad usability. I was running/customizing/fixing OA for a company I worked with as intranet solution during one year.

Anonymous tickets - It could

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  • Anonymous tickets - It could do, tickets are just nodes, so you could configure it how ever you liked.
  • OA dependant - Because it our use case, but its a feature, so will work (mostly) on a dedicated site, but might need tweaking.
  • OA usability - It works for us, but did take getting used to (from a Drupal mind set, clients didn't have this problem).
  • Anonymous tickets - It could

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    Anonymous tickets - It could do, tickets are just nodes, so you could configure it how ever you liked.

    Are users getting unique IDs of tickets and notifications by E-mail about changes? Are these tickets hidden from everybody except those, knowing ID?

    Oh, I forgot, drupal doesn't

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    Oh, I forgot, drupal doesn't know E-mails of anonymous users. So E-mail field must be on a ticket's creation form. It may be either required or not.

    At the moment its very

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    At the moment its very simple, and piggybacks on OA's interface. But as its Drupal you can extend and customise it in any way you need (or pay someone else to do it for you).