Drupal 8 modules supporting Popcorn

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There are a number of Drupal 8 modules which are making use of Popcorn. The Advanced Tour, Advanced Tour UI and Intermedia modules all make use of Popcorn. While the Advanced Tour was created because the core Tour module wasn't architected for Intermedia all of them make use of Popcorn and the Intermedia module is getting a lot of Drag 'n' Drop stuff being developed, some of which goes in directions that Mozilla's Popcorn Maker developers might find enlightening. Recently an Alpha 6 version of Drupal 8 with all of these modules installed was tested on a Raspberry Pi and performed flawlessly. It will be interesting to see if any functionality will crossover as the Advanced Tour UI has stub plugins at the moment for both the AIRTAME and Google's chromecast. All of these modules have REST resources and the Advanced Tour is able to interact with its YAML files via REST.


Please provide URLs for these

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Please provide URLs for these modules. Google finds nothing for Advanced Tour or Intermedia and they are not https://drupal.org/project/intermedia or https://drupal.org/project/advanced_tour.

All I can find are other group posting you've made about this same topic like https://groups.drupal.org/node/387478 and https://groups.drupal.org/node/326818.

Where is the code that ran flawlessly on the Pi?

I went away for the holidays

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I went away for the holidays and although I got back last week I'm just getting to this now. Yeah, I should get some links up. A set of contrib projects likely is the best location as opposed to github. I just started exploring Brian's Seriously.js in relation and did a screen recording for someone ( http://drupalpatio.com/imtest ) If the core api didn't change the way it has, likely I would have thrown the contrib stuff up months ago as the code freeze was supposed to have been last July but as you know a lot of stuff gets in the way and robs the time away. I've actually been talking with some people about doing a crowd funded project as the AIRTAME guys have: http://igg.me/at/airtame/x/5560222 which might fund some time more directly.

Still Confused...

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@slewazimuth Maybe I'm missing something, but I'm not seeing any code. You've shared a video of some popcorn js running in modals and a link to an Indigo campaign, but no code. I looked at https://github.com/slewazimuth. I'm assuming that's your repo since the avatar image is the same, but I'm not seeing anything related to Popcorn... or even anything that's been updated in the last 9 months.

Looking at the video, I can't tell if you are just loading a bunch of Popcorn HTML that was authored in another tool or the Popcorn is actually being authored in Drupal.

I'm also interested in is how you are adding video to D8 when the discussion about how to handle media (file entity vs. media entity) in D8 hasn't come to any clear conclusions about the basic structure... let alone code you should be building on.

Wasn't Trying to be Confusing

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I had thought by typing, "A set of contrib projects likely is the best location", that would have communicated things but apparently I could have chosen my words better. It wasn't the intention to be confusing. I had only posted to this group in December when I noticed a posting related to lack of Popcorn related modules for Drupal 8. Didn't mean to cause any kind of negative commotion.


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