Working on already existing lessons

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Drupalladder contains lessons on various topics. But it is difficult to find lessons. People use ladders to see the list of lessons. There are some lessons which are nice but not easily found. Example 'What to do when you have a white screen when installing Drupal', 'How to troubleshoot database connection problems' and 'How to Start Over if Your Installation is Interrupted'.

I think we should find a way to display these lessons in a better way and create a search to search not only on Project name but also on Lesson title. We should continue to improve these lessons too.

Also there are lot of spam in form of lessons and comments. It would be great to remove those in order to get a professional look for drupalladder.



lesson spam

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I went through the lessons and removed (I think all of) the spam. I couldn't go through the comments, but I'll look into getting rid of this spam one way or another.

One idea is to create an

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One idea is to create an "Orphaned Ladder" which collects all lessons not apart of a ladder?