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New UX and UI for Drupal Ladder

Hi, I would like to revamp the user experience and the interface for Drupal Ladder.
Stumbled upon an issue created a few years ago, is dormant at the moment(https://www.drupal.org/node/1504476). can someone help me with the status, as well as the migration status for D8.

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Google Summer of Code 2014 Project: Port DrupalLadder.org into D8

Over the past few months we organized an initiative with Google Code-In students to learn, edit, and create ladders. During this time I truly learned the value of the ladder program and how quickly it can help new users learn Drupal with proper documentation. In fact, we plan for GCI students to work on the DrupalLadder every year which will greatly help the project grow in terms of content. Code-In is for high school students taking on basic tasks.

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Okanagan Drupal Group Meetup

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User group meeting

Okanagan Drupal Group Meetup

We’re overly ecstatic to announce a new Drupal group forming in the Okanagan area. Join us for the first ever Okanagan Drupal Group Meetup on July 11, 2013. After this first event we are aiming to meet up on the second Thursday of each month. The meeting will be casual and last around two hours.

What to Expect

6:00- Introductions, Job Openings Other housekeeping items

6:30- Featured Presentations

7:30-Final thoughts

7:45- Wrap-up and Clean-up

Locations and Directions:

The meetings will be held at the Accelerate Okanagan Meeting room.

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Multilanguage Drupal Ladder?

Last Saturday we celebrated the first Drupal Ladder meetup in the Sevilla local group, Spain. It was a total success with 15 sprinters that worked through the ladder, at the end of the day most worked on real patches for Drupal 8, and some of them are already RTBCed.

In our retrospective, we talked about the pros, cons and improvement chances for potential new DrupalLadder meetups, and one of the already known problems for non-English speakers arised: language can be a blocker. Some people proposed to have DrupalLadder lessons in Spanish and/or translate existing ones.

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New improved g.d.o/drupal-ladder site

Now any content posted to the Drupal Ladder group can be tagged: issue sprint, learn sprint, drupalladder.org, drupal ladder distro, and/or 1% by 2014. People who want a place to just talk about code can click the taxonomy term in the right side bar that says "Drupal Ladder Distro". People who want a place to just talk about drupalladder.org content can clidk the taxonomy term that says "drupalladder.org". Etc.

Hopefully this will make our site both more user friendly and more productive for working groups and Drupal Ladder activity organizers.

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