GLADCamp Organizational Meeting January 19th or 20th

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So as some of us already are starting to feel in their bones, GLADCamp 2014 is fast approaching, so it has fallen onto me to organize as much of us as can be assembled for an organizational meeting. Stewart and Oliver, I hope I can see you there at the very least.

So right now, I figure it might make sense to coordinate schedules to meet up within the next two weeks. What does, say, next Sunday or Monday look like for everybody, the 19th-20th look like for everybody? Let me know that asap so we can get something dialed in that will work for everybody.

Once we've settled on a time, I'll send out a formal event invite to all and sundry.


Monday the 20th is better for

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Monday the 20th is better for me. I can keep that day open and be able to meet just about anywhere in this fair city.

I'll be able to do a call on Sunday but only as a last resort (i.e. if a large number of folks say that Monday is not good for them).

I'm good with either day...

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Either day works for me.

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Either Day works for me as

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Either Day works for me as well.

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