Warning about 7.26 update if you have LOTS of unpublished nodes

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taxonomy_update_7011 runs out of memory and once that is fixed it can take up to 15 minutes to run.


From what I understand, it's

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From what I understand, it's a problem if you have a lot of unpublished nodes and use taxonomy extensively, right? Maybe not so much a problem for sites that have a lot of nodes but don't keep too many unpublished ones sticking around in the database and/or don't use taxonomy much.

for what it's worth

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we ran into an issue a few weeks back when testing a view of unpublished nodes we were prepping for a production site. Term relationships were NOT maintained in the taxonomy_index table. Likely affects the lookup and of these unpublished nodes without having the fast lookup with indexes on that main relational table.

Patch proposed at

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Patch proposed at https://drupal.org/comment/8383389#comment-8383389, please feel free to give a try.

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I can confirm Garrett's statement

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I can confirm #2 is the scenario.

I have 2 clients that are showing a painful update process where they have several thousand unpublished nodes.

I would recommend the patch handle 100+ nodes, as 50 seems a little low :D (call me aggressive!)

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