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Hey folks,

is there a way to see which companys have the right to use "Drupal" within there product-names, or is there someone I can contact?
We as local association get the right to handle the rights for the trademark Drupal, but we actually have no way to check if someone contact us...

Thanks for your help


Hi, you can apply for a

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Hi, you can apply for a trademark licence on Also see the Drupal trademark policy.

I don't want a trademark

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I don't want a trademark licence.
We, the german Drupal Association, get the rights from Dries and have to control if someone use the trademark without permission.

We started some months ago to ask for the confirmation, but they only tell us they have the rights, but they can't show us anything.

Before we involve a lawyer and pay money for eventually nothing, we want to know if there is a way to get the list for all licences in germany, so we if we have something to do, or not...

SirFiChi - Munich City


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Dries and handle all trademark and "name usage permission" questions. You should use the contact form on to follow up. No one else would have access to such a list.

Thx a lot

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Thx a lot

SirFiChi - Munich City


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