DrupalCon Austin: Want to split a hotel room?

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Hi everyone,
DrupalCon is coming, so that means it’s time for my annual call for a roommate. I have a room reserved at the Hilton, the “official” hotel of DrupalCon. Want to split it with me? Cut your cost per night in half and stay the full week!

If you're not sure, take note that my former DrupalCon roommates have all gone on to distinguished (and lucrative) Drupal careers. Alex Fisher was just some dude hacking away all night in Chicago. Now he’s a big shot entrepreneur. Bert David? Total bumblepuss. Now he’s Lead Developer at Benzinga. I think we all know Mike Monan, but did you know that since he roomed with me last year, he’s had D8 core patches committed AND he’s gotten engaged?

We’ll never know for sure if it was their choice to room with me at DrupalCon that launched these men’s successful professional and personal lives, but we’re 3 for 3 so far. Want to be number 4? Let me know.



Thumbs up!

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"Rooming with Wayne was the best decision that I've ever made, both personally and professionally!"'


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I hope to include a chapter on this in my future memoirs!

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Amazing what rooming at

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Amazing what rooming at Drupal Con can do for your career and marital status.. lol.

@Monan, Congrats on the engagement!

Thanks! :)

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Thanks! :)