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2016 Michigan Drupal Camp

The polling is in and July 16th is the preferred day for the camp. I have reserved the space with the Libraries, now we need to get organizing.

TRACKS/Breakout Sessions

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Need local drupal developers for local organizations.

Hey everyone,

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This group needs wings!

I am looking to get the Ann Arbor Drupal Users group off the ground. It is clear to me now that Ann Arbor does have enough Drupal programmers to warrant a group of its own. I was especially happy to hear about Drupal being taught at UMich. But...the group is in need of a few things to make it sail.

  1. Critical Mass - We don't quite have the critical mass, although we have 5 new subscribers since last meeting. I think the tipping point for stability and momentum will be around 35-40 members. So get the word out!
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One of the things that came out of our 31May meeting is the need for a regular location.

Most everyone liked meeting at Wolverine tower with its large room, projector and easy access from the highway. But the lack of wireless available to the Non-UM people was disappointing.

Michael Hess offered space on the UMich campus. The downside to this space is parking and poor highway access.

Personally, I vote for the UMich campus location as wireless will be all important when we have a working meeting.

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