Twin Cities Drupal Open House

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2014-03-01 09:00 - 17:00 America/Chicago
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Drupalcamp or Regional Summit

TC Drupal Open House - 2014

Please join us on March 1st, 2014 for a day of conversation and collaboration as we celebrate Drupal and the Drupal community.

When: Sat. March 1, 2014 | 9:00am - 5:00pm
Arrive between 8:30 - 9:00am for coffee and conversation

Where: Intermedia Arts
2822 Lyndale Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55408
We have run of the whole place including the theater and galleries. All we need is you!


  • This is for anyone who has a hankering for Drupal
  • Anyone that wants to learn more about Drupal and the Drupal Community
  • Appropriate for absolute beginners to experts
  • This is for coders, users, and the curious - laptops are strongly encouraged, but not required

What: A FREE** loosely structured gathering focusing on all things Drupal

  • Facilitated discussions -- you choose the topic(s), we help get the talking going
  • At least one room with a projector for more "traditional" presentations or case studies
  • Lightning Talks
  • Drupal Ping-Pong
  • "Coder Corner" - for those who want to sprint or hack on code
  • Whatever YOU decide to do!
  • Lunch, coffee and refreshments provided.

    ** Recommended donation of $5.00 (help offset the cost of food)

Sponsored By:
Twin Cities Drupal Camp (August 7-10, 2014)

This “unconference” event will provide the venue, fuel/food, and inspiration. Participants will shape the actual program.

Participants will get the most from the event if they are able to participate all day. However, in the spirit of an open house, everyone is welcome to come and leave as they choose. The day will be scheduled with breakout sessions and facilitated activities -- participant-driven small group discussions and learning sessions.

We are expecting anywhere from 30-100 participants Please, bring your own questions or topics (big or small) for discussion. Some possibilities:

  • How to make a living doing Drupal
  • Is Drupal the right tool for my business or non-profit?
  • What are the best development tools for Drupal work?
  • A progress report on Drupal 8
  • How can I “contribute” to Drupal
  • Doing things the “Drupal” way
  • Maintaining a Drupal website
  • Alternatives to Drupal
  • The future of the Twin Cities Drupal Community
  • What is your favorite Drupal module and why?


Off to a Great Start

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We're off to a great start with registrations for the Twin Cities Drupal Open House, on March 1st.

Take a look at who is coming:

Great to see lots of names I don't know

Tim Erickson

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Just a quick note for all newbies:

If you want to dig into Drupal, come to the event, and you can go home with a working Drupal install. We can set you up with a hosted install at Pantheon, or set up your laptop as a local development workspace - or BOTH! Get a good intro, and be ready to go home and apply what you learned.

Did we mention it's free**?!?

** Come with a $5 donation and get a cookie and lunch too!

Help spread the word

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We're getting close to 30 registrations for the TC Drupal Open House that is happening one week from today!

We've created a Facebook page to help get some social media momentum.

If you have a minute this weekend, please visit the Facebook page and do one or more of the following:

1) Indicate that you are coming
2) Post a quick comment
3) Invite some Drupal friends or friends that might be interested in learning more about Drupal


Tim Erickson

LFG: Drupal/Bootstrap

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I was going to ask this at the event, but I won't be able to attend, so I'll ask it here:

I would like to sit down for an afternoon and work with someone (paid) on converting Bootstrap templates to Drupal Bootstrap in a forwardly-maintainable fashion. Please feel free to contact me if that's something you're comfortable with.

D'OH Update

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Things are coming together for the big Drupal Open House on Saturday.

It's not too late to sign-up. We've had 5 registrations this morning alone, and we're approaching 50 registrations overall - help us get there! The more the merrier...

During the day tomorrow, we'll be working loosely with the theme of:


  • As individuals (businesses or organizations)
  • As a local community
  • As a global open source project

Just a few of the topics that participants are planning on talking about:

  • How to make Drupal Camp 2014 even more awesome?
  • Identifying local Drupal talent
  • Career and business opportunities with Drupal
  • Drupalcon Mpls?
  • Collaborative opportunities
  • Improving and contributing to Drupal documentation
  • Twig in Drupal 8
  • Drupal and SEO
  • Running a small Drupal shop
  • Red Hen, Panopoly, Open Atrium 2
  • Responsive images
  • Mapping modules for Drupal
  • and much more………

A few additional notes:

1) Bring along businesses cards, brochures, or other literature to share. We'll have a single lit table where anyone can drop off their propaganda to share. :-)

2) We've got some volunteers lined up from 11:00 - 4:00PM to staff our Drupal "genius" table. Bring your Drupal problems/questions and get them answered.

3) We're encouraging folks to come early and stay as long as they can, but you are welcome to stop by for a shorter portion of the day if that is all your schedule allows. This event is structured such that it is possible to "drop in" at any point in the day. If you arrive late, look for a volunteer to help catch you up on what is happening and how to get involved.

4) Some of us will be going out for beverages afterwards to debrief and unwind (location undecided).

Tim Erickson

Final Word

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Thanks everyone for your enthusiasm and support. For those who can't make it tomorrow, remember that Drupal Camp is just around the corner in August (7-10).

As of 11:43pm tonight, we've got 49 registrations for the Open House. Will we break 50?

We're looking for a few good lightning talks - do you have one?

Looking over the registration data for tomorrow.

This is a breakdown of interest in various topics that we asked about during the registration process:

34 Drupal Site Building Skills
28 The Drupal Community
26 Drupal Modules
26 Drupal 8
26 The future of Drupal
21 Drupal for Non-profits
21 Running a Drupal Based Business
20 Career Opportunities Involving Drupal
20 Drupal Theming
17 Teaching Drupal Skills
16 Drupal Commerce
16 Drupal as an Open Source Project
14 Drupal & Education
9 Backdrop - the Drupal fork
8 Other Content Management Systems
8 Is Drupal the Right Tool for Me

What is your relationship with Drupal

24 Drupal site builder
24 Drupal user/content manager
15 Drupal themer/designer
15 Drupal coder
14 I'm Drupal Curious
6 Other

Do you earn at least a portion of your income from work involving the creation of Drupal websites?

28 Yes
17 No

Tim Erickson