Update on Drupal.org Community Tools Team appointment

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At the end of January the Drupal.org Software Working Group started working on Community Tools Leadership Team appointment.

We do have the list of candidates for almost all roles on the team and are currently in the process of talking to these people, confirming their availability, etc. We hope to be able to publish general announcement about this team sometime next week.

We are still looking for people interested in taking on Project Manager role for the team. If you know someone, who can be interested, do let us know!


Hi, I reached out to you a

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I reached out to you a few times about getting involved withe community tools team and have received no response. I would love to help out in some capacity. Please respond or let me know if there is someone else I should reach out to.

Hi zfactor, I replied to the

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Hi zfactor,

I replied to the message you sent via my contact form right away, on March 7. I've never heard back from you. I am sorry, but we already have people for most of the roles on Community Tools Team (including UX lead). We are just finishing up announcement post to "officially" appoint them.

I do think however that your help will be welcome anyway. The team will have public meetings and work publicly in the issue queues, where you'll be able to follow their work and take part in it, provide feedback and such. For now I suggest you to watch http://groups.drupal.org/drupalorg for announcements about the team and their first meetings. You can also find me in IRC if you want to discuss something.