When should we have DrupalCamp Utah 2014?

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Friday, Aug 8th
30% (3 votes)
Friday, Aug 15th
70% (7 votes)
Friday, Aug 22nd
0% (0 votes)
Friday, Aug 29th
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 10


I voted for the 8th, but the

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Switched my vote to the 15th. Just wanted to jump on the 15th bandwagon early on.

outdoor retailer show

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I voted for the 15th because the 8th conflicts with the outdoor retailer show. I know, I know, maybe the audiences don't intersect, but... I, at least want to go to the OR show :)

I'm going with the 15th as

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I'm going with the 15th as first choice, but I have conflicts with doing it the 8th either.

Are we calling it the 15th

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Are we calling it the 15th then?

seems reasonable to me.

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seems reasonable to me.

Okay, I'd say that's a

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Okay, I'd say that's a consensus. We'll plan on August 15th unless we have venue or sponsor conflicts.