2nd Tuesday monthly meetup in Draper

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tl;dr; = 13th May 4pm Draper, UT. Link at bottom

So in addition to the 4th Thursday meetup, I'm proposing adding a 2nd Tuesday meetup that would either be during lunch, or would start at 4. Seems like a lot of discussion around having one during work hours, and having one further south, so let's try this out. My company's office space is pretty good for groups up to about 20 or so, so I'm volunteering it.

Anyway, as long as I get at least 3-5 comments of people saying they'd come, I'm going to go ahead and plan the first one for the 13th of May, and I'm going to shoot for 4pm, because for this specific week, lunch won't work for me. So fire away!

Here's the exact location:
76 W 13775 S Suite 2C
Draper, UT 84020


Brett Evanson
CTO, Smart Rhino Labs


I'd be interested

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I'd be interested, and I'd be bringing one other person with me.

should be there for part of it

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I coach peewee soccer practice at 6 on Tuesdays so I'd probably have to leave early if it goes past 5 (lunch hour would be better in general for me), but I'll try to make that!

Not sure if I can make it at

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Not sure if I can make it at 4pm this month but next time I'll be there during lunch.

I'll try to be there

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I'm going to try to be there, just FYI.

Tyler Smith

I think it's safe to say

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I think it's safe to say there's enough interest. See you guys there (or here rather) at 4pm next Tuesday!

I'll be there +1

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Hey, that sounds good. I'll see you guys there.

Most likely coming

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I'll most likely be coming.


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Just wanted to remind everyone, one last time that we are meeting tomorrow (Tuesday) at 4pm. See you there!

76 W 13775 S Suite 2C
Draper, UT 84020

Tyler Smith

How'd it go? I hope to catch

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How'd it go? I hope to catch you guys next month.


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There was a nice turn out. There was about 10 people present and we talked about what we are working on, what we want to know more about, and what we know. It helped build a list of topics for presentations. It was also agreed that it would be even better to meet at lunch instead of the end of the day. SmartRinoLabs has agreed to that and so we will start that next month (second Tuesday still).

I don't remember the decided topic for next month but I'm sure Bret can remind us all. It will be the week after DrupalCon, but we will hold off until the following month to go into more detail on the conference (though I'm sure there will be some reporting if anyone is present that went).

Tyler Smith

I think the plan was for me

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I think the plan was for me and Chris to tag team a presentation on performance optimization. Both front end and back end. We'll probably get into some monitoring stuff too.

With us doing it at lunch time, do we want to try and do pizza or something for everyone? Or do we just let everyone bring their own lunch?

I'll add the event in a minute, but we're shooting for May 10th at 12pm


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