Discuss and plan the next Drupal.LA code sprint (and movie night!)

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At last week's meetup for meetup organizers, we discussed how new and relevant information about Greater Los Angeles Drupal is particularly difficult to find. This might be solved when our request at https://drupal.org/node/1951258 for an updated path alias is eventually addressed, but we agreed that in the meantime that we put all our efforts into Drupal.LA at https://drupal.la  

When's a good time for a code sprint (and movie night, for those who are interested!) for our Drupal.LA site? We can meet at Droplabs in DTLA almost any day of the week and any night other than Tuesdays and Thursdays, which is when a local college is using Droplabs as an overflow training space.

Here's a Doodle.com poll so that we can figure out everyone's availability:


I've unselected days when Droplabs has other events. Right now we're planning a one day sprint but if there's interest we can probably do a two-day sprint. Just mark all the days when you're available.

What's on Drupal.LA right now?

Drupal.LA is pretty much ready for new work. It has a couple resources on it now (a business directory, a couple articles, emergency contact info, etc.) and is already syndicated on Planet Drupal.

Pantheon is hosting it for us and they've enabled multidev so we can really kick some butt building out Drupal.LA with each dev on our team getting their own Pantheon-hosted sandbox.

Next steps

Please use Doodle to share your availability, and use this thread here to discuss the site features, getting access to our Pantheon account and to post requests for your favorite movies, snacks and beverages!


Two new features that came up

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Two new features that came up during the meetup were:

  • A calendar and event listing, either by importing an iCal feed from somewhere — like Drupal Groups — or embedding an HTML calendar from Meetup.com or Google Calendar
  • A signup block for our MailChimp newsletter. Currently the only way to subscribe to the newsletter is by signing in at a meetup and then wait for your email address to be transcribed by a volunteer or someone at Droplabs

I've added both of these features to our wishlist in the Drupal.LA project wiki:


Greater Los Angeles Drupal (GLAD)

Group events

Add to calendar

Group notifications

This group offers an RSS feed. Or subscribe to these personalized, sitewide feeds:

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