Who's going to DrupalCon Austin?

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In previous years we've tried eating together during lunch. We'll find a table or two to claim as Utah.

Let us know you're coming and we'll look out for you!


Me, Me!

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I'll be there, hope to catch up with a couple of you at some point.

Tyler Smith

Some Lingotek guys will be there!

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I'll be there, along with several other guys from Lingotek. (We'll be giving away stuff at the booth, so we will be easy to find.) See you there!

I'll be there. Is there a

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I'll be there. Is there a way for us to communicate without bugging the entire Drupal Utah group?

I'll be there too but I won't

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I'll be there too but I won't be giving anything away :)

I think we can communicate in

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I think we can communicate in this thread or IRC. But if someone has an alternative that works better we can do that instead.

Got crafty today and made a Drupal Utah table tent for what ever table(s) we stake our claim on. (now hopefully I remember to pack it)

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Crafty Man

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Jeremy, it is soo pretty. Great idea though, it should make finding each other a bit easier. Is anyone going to the community summit on Monday?

Tyler Smith

that's dedication! What's the

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that's dedication! What's the best android irc client?

Looks like the table at the

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Looks like the table at the end of the blue carpet in the expo hall has been selected for our lunch spot. If you're in Austin come have lunch with us.


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