上海Drupal聚会 - 2014年7月19日 / Drupal Meetup SH - July 19th, 2014

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2014-07-19 13:00 - 19:00 Asia/Shanghai
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User group meeting

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很期待在Drupal 7月聚会上跟各位见面。


Drupal协同贡献聚会(Drupal workshop) 一般是在每个月第3个周六举办、免费参加,Drupaler在这里相聚 (线上同) 以小组的形式为 Drupal 作各种不同的贡献

Workshop 安排综览

workshop期间: Bug修复,代码审查,测试,打补丁,模块讨论,指导等。


开场介绍 - 13:00 ~ 13:30
组织者:龙马 / DYdave,介绍话题及演讲者,参与者自我介绍。

State of Drupal - Austin 解读 - 13:30 ~ 14:20

前端逆袭之单页面网站设计 - 14:30 ~ 15:20

Rules-Drupal皇冠上又一个明珠 - 15:30 ~ 16:20
演讲者:zterry95 (布兰卡)

待定 - 16:30 ~ 17:20

Drupal社区一月新闻 - 17:30 ~ 18:00
组织者:龙马 / DYdave,关注Drupal社区一月新闻:事件、活动、招聘、创新想法等。

自由交流分享 - 18:10 ~ 19:00




招聘 / 项目合作



13:00 ~ 19:00 :Co-Working - 带上电脑




一般来说,聚会结束后,将邀请参加者们共进晚餐或参加After Party,使大家能够在私下轻松交流、交友






日期 周六,2014年07月19日

地点 中山北路900号(近普善路)加禾商务中心2号楼311室
时间 13:00 - 19:00 地图 谷歌 /百度 地图
线上 IRC: #drupal-china

地铁 1号线:中山北路站
出站后路线:谷歌/ 百度 地图
语言 中文,英文 花费 无。请自备电脑。
用餐 请自行解决。 联系人 JackNiu / DYdave
QQ群 154077824(Drupal上海)


下一场聚会:周六,2014年08月16日,13:00 - 19:00。

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Hi guys,
We're all glad to be able to get together for the seventh Drupal Workshop in 2014.
The Drupal contribute workshop is a monthly event, free of charge, to be held on Saturdays (3rd of the month) during which Drupalers are invited to meet and get closer (online as well) to work in driven groups on various types of Drupal contributions.

Overview of the Workshop plan:

As usual, we'll be starting in the morning at 13:00 with the training sessions:

13:00 to 13:30: Meetup Presented by JackNiu / DYdave,
Introduction to the topics and speakers.

Speech topic TBD - 13:30 ~ 14:20

Speech topic TBD - 14:30 ~ 15:20

Speech topic TBD - 15:30 ~ 16:20

Speech topic TBD - 16:30 ~ 17:20

Free discussion and share ideas - 17:30 ~ 19:00
Presented by JackNiu / DYdave, get your monthly feed of updates and insight on the Drupal community:
News, Upcoming Events, Job Offers, Initiatives, and much more to be discussed.
Getting Involved and how to support our community.

Lightning rounds: Share your experiences [Still open and room for participants]
Job Offers / Marketplace
Wrap up and conclusion.
Follow-up after dark and discussions.

13:00 to 19:00 : Co-Working - Make sure you bring your laptops
We will be providing drinks/coffee/tea, the space and connection to work all together with other confirmed local Drupalers.

This would match the needs of intermediate to advanced Drupal developers who would like to have the possibility of working on their own projects and be able to get some help, assistance or ask direct questions to other developers present at the session.

Typical case: Developers who already have enough Drupal foundation knowledge to learn by themselves, use modules and build sites, but would encounter obstacles or issues along the way during the construction of a project. Co-working with other Drupalers would allow quick, easy, direct and immediate response on any of the questions or issues encountered.
After dark:
In general, after the event, participants would be invited to join together for a diner or an after party to be able to better socialize, discuss and blend in the local community, in an informal and relaxing environment.

As always speakers are highly welcome.

We would greatly appreciate any of your questions, comments, feedbacks, objections, ideas, recommendations or concerns on any aspects of this event or its organization and would surely be glad to provide more information.

Thanks again to everyone for your great feedback, support and signing-up.
We're certainly all looking very much forward to getting together for another rich Workshop and busy day.

Thanks for getting involved!

Event's details:

Date Saturday, July 19 2014. (Freely join. Training would be recommend to be on time.) Location Room 311, Building 2, Number 900, North Zhongshan road
Time 13:00 - 19:00 Maps Map on Google / Baidu
Online IRC: #drupal-china (setup and chat with the Drupal Community) Subway Line 1, station: North Zhong Shan Road / 中山北路.Directions on Google / Baidu
Language Chinese and English Cost None other than your own material/laptop
Food At the expense of participants. Contacts JackNiu / DYdave
QQ Group 154077824 (Drupal Shanghai QQ Group)

Next session: Saturday, August 16 2014, from 13:00 to 19:00.

Please register an account on groups.drupal.org and sign up for this event.


话题报名: State of Drupal - Austin 解读

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话题报名: State of Drupal - Austin 解读
内容: Drupal目前的现状是怎样,未来的发展方向是什么,有什么样的方针理念,我们现场一起来解读。


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