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Hey everyone. I'm moving to Boston in 2.5 weeks and I'm gearing up to join the Drupal community out there. I just wanted to start a discussion around what Drupal shops are in Boston and the know how of the open source tech scene out there. Any help would be fantastic and I hope to meet a fair portion of you at a Happy Hour or meetup. Cheers!



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Hi Ethan,

There's a lot going on in the community here in the Boston area, and quite a few shops too. The best is probably to mingle with the community at the events. We generally have 2 or 3 events every month:

  • the main user group meetup happening at MIT the first Tuesday of the month - series of lightning talks and Q&A. Next event is on Aug 5th, on the Kendall rooftop (same place as last month).
  • Drupal Nights happen on the third Thursday of the month and it's organized by BioRAFT at their office in Lechmere, Cambridge. Every event has a specific topic and they have usually an expert presenting on the topic, or a panel of experts.
  • the Drupal Self-Help Group organized by MBR at the Arlington library. It's for people who want to get together to solve specific problems they have on their site

All of those are advertised here on this group, so if you are part of the group you should get notified.

Boston is also known for the Design 4 Drupal conference which is happening very soon on August 1-3.

Welcome to Boston & see you soon!

If it's work you're looking

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If it's work you're looking for, there is NO shortage of shops in and around Boston hiring taletned Drupal devs and paying some of the best salaries in the nation.

Hell, some of them even provided catered meals, and are hiring!

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I can't help but notice that

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I can't help but notice that Genuine is hiring a Front-end Dev. Can I name drop you? =]

Boston Community is ...

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Great for learning, teaching and working. There are lots of interesting people and projects. The monthly meetup at MIT is easy to get to, packed with awesome knowledge sharing and ideas, a very friendly atmosphere and a fun experience for all.
There are also some groups that use to have more topic-centric Drupal gatherings.
Lately, I have been visiting some of the groups that are in Western Ma and NH also.
Hope you are here in time for Design4Drupal August 1-3 -

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I wish I could make to

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I wish I could make to Design4Drupal but I will still be in Minneapolis plus I can't miss my session at Twin Cities Drupalcamp. I'll check out the Drupal meetup pages. Thanks for the help! =]


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