Please review & provide feedback on new module

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Hey everyone, we just released our site reporting module Query UI.

We would love some feedback on it, including any bugs/issues and feature requests.

Basically, the module is a way to build reports and view them on the site. You can setup the module to act as an API as well.

Feel free to ask any questions too!



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Love everything you did on this.

For the longest time i've needed a super simple yet flexible way to query data and build reports.


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I haven't tried the module out yet, but from the descriptions I'm reading, this sounds a lot like views. Could you elaborate a bit on how it's different and why?

We've updated the project

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We've updated the project description to give you a better idea of the differences between Views and QUI.

Let us know if you have anymore questions.

We are planning on getting more documentation and use cases up to show how we think people will use the module. Essentially it's a raw query builder. We have a lot of reporting needs that are covered by the module.

I'm currently up to my ears

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I'm currently up to my ears in other projects... but I could entirely see this as useful versus views.

Taking a quick glance at the image with the dynamic form you have, this module is a lot more rudimentary than views, and I could see it's usefulness in some potential situations.

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Yea, we'd love any feedback.

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Yea, we'd love any feedback. QUI is essentially a report generation tool.
We think it's easier than Views for that purpose.

We're working on writing up a

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We're working on writing up a comparison for the project page right now. ;)


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One question that comes to mind is, given that the project proclaims that it gives access to the "raw data", is the output filtered at all? Put another way, if someone displays a table value that happens to contain some JS-based vulnerable code, would they end up having their site hacked?

That brings up a good point.

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That brings up a good point. The built-in table formatter should sanitize output. So it can safely be displayed on the site.

However, other formatters, like JSON and CSV would still be raw.


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You might want to add a disclaimer about that on the project page..

Fixed the table output to be

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Fixed the table output to be sanitized. commit

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