Open Publish and Shared Hosting

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Major headache that people are having with OP is when installing OP on shared hostings. While OP site clearly states that current OP version is not recommended for shared hostings, people still keep trying to install it on shared hosting so we will have to try do more in this regard, in the future.

One thing that we need help with is: if you can, please, tell us what are the different providers you tried to install OP on and had problems with. This will help us in testing, a lot. This is not to criticize any provider, we are just trying to detect problem areas so we can try optimize for those.

Thank you.


Shared hosting providers

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I'm using Dreamhost. Installed on home computer first, transferred to DH. Works fine so far, but maybe a little slow.

Thanks for making the effort for this type hosting.

I'd like to suggest a thought for other developers of new Drupal installations. Considering the fact that Drupal is free, as are the majority of modules and many themes, this suggests something to think about in development. Since it is free, a great number of folks use it for that reason, and may not be able to afford vps or dedicated hosting in the first place. So, why not start with shared hosting as the target install? If it installs there I would think there would be no problem on vps or dedicated servers.

Shared hosting

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Not everyone who wants to use OP has the luxury of a dedicated host; as I've noted in other postings, I'm testing out Drupal, OpenPublish, and ProsePoint for the newspaper where I work. There's no budget for me to do this on a dedicated server; my only choice is to use my own shared hosting account.

My process of getting the install to work is listed here:

Site builder, writer, trainer, graphic designer

@KatrinaB, sure, that's why

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sure, that's why we are trying to understand better the specific configurations of the providers that people are trying to use.

At InMotion are you using Personal or Business plan?


InMotion business plan

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I am on a business plan with InMotion. Not that I'm actually running businesses, but a business plan turned out to be a better deal for the money. I'm on the "Power" business plan; you can see the features on this page:

(Drupal isn't listed on that page, but when I started looking into it as a possible CMS, I went digging through the control panel for my shared hosting account and discovered it was included in my hosting package.)

The plan has way more features than I need; my primary interest was being able to host multiple sites with one hosting company -- and use WordPress. When I first signed up with InMotion, I already had two sites on Tripod Lycos and a third on another hosting company (that I won't name because I had such a frustrating experience). I have created two sites on my InMotion account and moved a third (from the unnamed hosting company); I eventually want to move the two Tripod Lycos sites as well, but because of the time and effort involved to move a site, I haven't yet -- I don't currently have enough time and energy to spare.

But I was looking for a company with top-notch customer service, after having such a frustrating experience with the other hosting company. InMotion takes great pride in their customer service ... and it shows.

Site builder, writer, trainer, graphic designer

host recommendations

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I'm on a share host account with 18 sites on the one account, currently in process.

I have a reseller account that allows for just about all I want to do, except I am limited by bandwidth and memory. Since I am principally building sites and passing them off to customer/owners the amount of content I put on the sites is not a lot.
I made it clear to the hosting what I was doing and they allow me to have and do just about anything I want to do for $20 a month. Why, because of the way I use their shared hosting services.

If I were maintaining and hosting some of the heavy content sites I've built I'm sure the host would requirements would not be as open-ended as they are for me now.

Customers admin the sites I build. I do all their security upgrades and update modules,etc. I only use module tools that provide owner admins the ability to work with the content on those sites.

When you laud a hosting site you should be aware that often the best arrangements can go against you over time. Principally, because hosts change support people, move onto different servers,etc. I've had great service with shared hosts many times, until I finally reached an impossible situation. Maybe they just wanted to get rid of me, or who knows. It has never been because I didn't pay as agreed. Some don't want to host downloads, proprietary videos,etc. Then you have to remember some hosts will overload the capacity of their shared host servers to make more money and your sites will slow to a snails pace.

SO... I wouldn't be too quick to be so appreciative of any host until you have a very broad range of experience with a host with many different types of site applications.
This experience should be at least two years as well.

I was with one host over four years before things went sour, and my current host I've been with for two years. I would recommend my current host, but I've also learned enough to explain what I expect and what features I need enabled beforehand.

Maybe someone could explain

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Maybe someone could explain why or what doesn't work well on shared hosting?
Drupal works on my shared hosting along with a myriad of other applications.
The dedicated server route is a very long way from what most site owners want.
IMO, I would suggest you work with the OpenPublish to accomodate Shared hosting.
Allow users to select and remove those items that will not work well with shared hosting.
Site builders that work with dedicated servers are usually working with demanding business applications.
The crowd that use a CMS, or site builder type applications aren't going to dedicated servers.
If Dedicated server is the only route for OpenPublish, then I'd say it will have limited application with Drupal or CMS site builders.
All this chit-chat and workarounds is pretty well useless.
If Drupal type shared hosting servers can't do the job your approach to users is aimed at the wrong target market.

I have two sites on shared webserver with OP installed and the application seems to be working fine.
They are not production sites yet. It would be a heck of a note to deliver the sites for production and have a swarm of complaints.
I am not working on the OP sites until we get some type of affirmation or workarounds that will allow shared hosting to work competently.

Three different hosts:

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Pinchhost: As stated, Pinchhost does work best.
But they have terrible customer service. They claim to answer questions in an average of six minutes, but I've gone days without a response.
Recommended if you know what you're doing (and I don't!) and if you can live with slow customer service.

Godaddy: Couldn't install until i copied everything from my pinchhost files, even the database.
Even then, it runs so slow it's nearly useless. Enabling modules often caused 500 errors.
Not recommended at all.

Register: Despite assurances from register staff that it could handle the install process, it failed. Same issue as Godaddy.
I finally used the same tactic I used at Godaddy and imported the database (changing all the domain references).
Unlike Godaddy, however, Register's server actually can handle OP once it is installed. It drags a little, and I am yet convinced it will suffice for the company site. But it is operational.

By the way, thanks for the great program and for answering all my questions.

Now, if someone can tell me the best way to install a photo gallery browser (with bulk uploading capabilities) I think our newspaper will make the switch.
That's my last big hurdle and I am losing my marbles trying to figure it out with Image/Image OP/Image and Image Gallery and Views Gallery and Fupload and VGuploadX.

midek, great analysis. Thank

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midek, great analysis. Thank you for sharing your experience.


Maybe someone could explain

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I asked some questions in the above posting.
I'm on a shared server with a couple sites I am reluctant to release on webserver, because of complaints in this thread.
Troubles I already have, don't need anymore for sure.
So... if there knowledge on what in the OpenPublish package is the problem on Shared servers I can eliminate those features for now.
If there is no for sure answer, maybe a couple good guesses and I can work from there.
As it is, these two sites I've been working on have to go another direction.

domineaux, the problem is the

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the problem is the limit on resources that shared hosting put on accounts and the fact that Drupal/OpenPublish installation needs more resources.

So far, the best/safest solution identified is to install locally and then move files/database.


So far, the best/safest

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So far, the best/safest solution identified is to install locally and then move files/database.

How does that help?

You said:the problem is the limit on resources that shared hosting put on accounts and the fact that Drupal/OpenPublish installation needs more resources.

What resources? Could you please define? I can get my shared hosting to do just about anything I want done. I can install the OP and voila it works right out of the gate with no problems. I explained in another post how easy it is to install on a shared host server.

If the Calais is the issue I can disable it, if the video components are the problem I can remove them. I really need a track to run on or some ideas.

The sites are pretty well done, but reading this thread runs chills down my backbone.

I can't take a chance on releasing a site as production ready when I anticipate problems with it. I can't release a beta... I really am excited about this application, but building sites isn't a hobby with me.

Please don't be neg'd out. I'm not complaining I just want to know what to expect or if I can workaround any issues.

Sure, no problem. But please

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Sure, no problem. But please clarify - what is the step you are planning for?

1) Did you already build sites in development and are concerned about move to production?

2) Are you planning to build directly in production?


The sites are on the

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The sites are on the webserver now and appear to be working, but I haven't set domain pointers.

I build sites on Localhost sometimes, and sometimes only on the webserver. It depends what I plan for site.

The problem with resources

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The problem with resources that you've read in threads here is related to installation. If you already installed site locally and are just moving it to production - you are not going to run in most of the problems mentioned.

Resources you need (

  • memory_limit variable, in php.ini set to 128M or more.
  • max_execution_time to around 120
  • realpath_cache_size to 512K, 1M or even 2M
  • max_input_time to around 120


Rackspace Cloud FYI I am able

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Rackspace Cloud FYI

I am able to consistently install 1.6 by adding the this to my .htaccess file

php_value memory_limit 256M
php_value max_execution_time 600
php_value max_input_time 600
php_value realpath_cache_size 2M

However Its 50/50 chance to even get the install screen up in 1.7 , and it has yet to install properly.
Ill keep trying and report back