FLDC15 Planning kick-off

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Seeing how we're behind the 8-ball a little bit in planning FLDC15, Mike Herchel, Dennis Solis, and I just had a quick call about how best to proceed. The call was open to anyone paying attention in the #drupal-florida IRC channel.

Based on a number of factors, we decided to pursue Florida Technical College (FTC) as the venue for next year's camp. If available, this will greatly simplify the planning: we know them, they know us.

As for dates, we're looking at April 11 as our ideal date at this point. This is 1 month before DrupalCon LA, and a couple of weeks after MidCamp and NYC Camp. This will give us 3+ full (non-holiday) months to get all our ducks in a row.

None of this is set in stone and all of it is up for debate. In the interest in getting things moving, I've already started the conversation with FTC (nothing to report yet).

The more people who can participate in this discussion, the better. Let us know if we're missing anything, if you think this is the best idea since sliced bread (mmmm, sandwiches) or if we're totally off our rockers (in which case, it was all Herchel's idea).



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This all sounds good to me so

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This all sounds good to me so far.

Herchel - don't be making fun

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Herchel - don't be making fun of Alvin!

What do you think of making each years camp website a sub-domain of fldrupalcamp.org? This way we can keep the old session slide show around for a while. I noticed badcamp does this.

Ha :) Anyway, I think we

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Ha :)

Anyway, I think we already do this. See http://2013.fldrupalcamp.org/ and http://2012.fldrupalcamp.org/


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I had to take 2011.fldrupalcamp.org offline, something was in there sucking up server resources. And I need to get 2014.fldrupalcamp.org up from devPanel. We always have the current year active but it just points to fldrupalcamp.org.

Also, I purchased fldrupal.camp when .camp became available in late spring. Maybe a new marketing hook?


Ah - was not aware we did that.

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Ah- was not aware we did that. Very nice.

Settingup DC 2015

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As I understand it, the plan is to re-use the 2014 site / software and re-theme it for 2015. I can copy the 2014 site to the 2015 site and start removing the 2014 content orders after Thanksgiving.


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Lets keep communication more open ;) For those of us that don't hang in IRC, but do watch email, a quick post here would have alerted more people :)

I vote for the date and the venue. Let's get it on their calendar.


That all looks good. Do we

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That all looks good. Do we have a "lessons learned" document from last years camp?
Are we going to try to video tape the sessions this year?

If by video tape you mean

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If by video tape you mean screen capture, like they do at DrupalCon.

We had all the equipment to do screen captures last year but there was some miscommunication from the Drupal Association who sent the gear to us.

Recording sessions

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We used Google Hangout to record the sessions at Drupal Camp Chattanooga.

This Works for Me

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I'd be available around these dates.

This Works for Me

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I'd be available around these dates.

I found Sandy!

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I found Sandy!


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