Florida DrupalCamp 2015

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2015-04-11 09:00 - 17:00 America/New_York
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Drupalcamp or Regional Summit

Florida DrupalCamp 2015 is returning to Florida Technical College in Orlando, Florida on Saturday, April 11, 2015 (sessions) and Sunday, April 12, 2015 (sprints).

Want to help out? Leave a comment below and let us know in what area(s) you'd like to help. Options include:

  • Fundraising/budget
  • Sponsor handlers
  • Catering
  • Session selection
  • Marketing (we need lots of help here!)
  • Afterparty
  • Swag
  • Web site
  • Registration
  • Design
  • Lodging
  • Kids track (?!)
  • Fun
  • Other stuff we haven't thought of yet...

More information coming soon...


Drupal Camp Duties

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I'll be happy to work the registration desk during Drupal Camp days again if it would help. Paul

I'd like to help with the

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I'd like to help with the website at least.

Let's move this to the

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Let's move this to the planning wiki

2015 Splash Page

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The 2015 FL DrupalCamp splash page has been updated and is live at our new TLD .camp name. 2014 is still available.


The "stay updated" form drops

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The "stay updated" form drops you on a 404 page: http://fldrupalcamp.us4.list-manage1.com/subscribe/post?u=e7875ed8ccafb2...

I would like to help out with

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I would like to help out with the marketing!

The Planning Wiki is up. You

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The Planning Wiki is up. You can edit it and add your name to the task.

John: should we do a 301 from

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John: should we do a 301 from one to another? Personally, I think the .camp tld is pretty sweet!

Also, I'd like to spend some time working on the splash page... i have some ideas. I can always just zip up the html and shoot it over :)

Redirects are in place for

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Redirects are in place for bare, www, and 2015 from fldrupalcamp.org to fldrupal.camp. If anyone has objections, it can be easily undone, I'm doing this in Apache vhosts.

Yes, I love it too and think this could be a marketing hook :)

Sure, tweak away. The code we have now is your baby and you just zipped it to me.



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STOP - before I commit the d like to know what does "catering" involve !
I'd like to know before I volunteer. Thanks

You coordinate with a vendor

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You coordinate with a vendor to have lunch delivered, and usually some light breakfast and coffee. It's a job. The money comes from the conference attendees. You are the logistics person.

I can help guide you...

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I've done it the past three years and can walk you through it. It's easier to use one caterer for the whole day (easiest if you use the same one as last year).

I'm crazy busy, so I'd be more than happy to pass the baton on this one.



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Digital Marketing is my specialty, so I'll be glad to help in this area. I'm not sure if any analytics are needed beyond basic, but I'm an expert in this area as well (analyzing marketing campaigns primarily). This is so new to me, I don't know the scope of what we're dealing with. Looking for direction as I'm a newbie.

Stephen Parker

Bring Your Site to Life! sm

Marketing Tips

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I also really like digital marketing.i always try to help people by my skills. so i just want to say that i am big fan of "Drupal" and i will must attend this comp. thanks for sharing this info
Custom Logo Design

Session Proposal

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I had a chance to attend the Florida DrupalCamp that was at Rollins. And I want to say thanks for that opportunity. I would like to make a session proposal for 2015 Florida DrupalCamp potentially entitled Drupal 8 Kickstart. I gave this presentation to the engineers and other team at my company CivicActions several weeks ago. I have a slideshow prepared that I used in that presentation. What is the process for submitting a session proposal? Thanks.

Hi Peter, thanks for reaching

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Hi Peter, thanks for reaching out. Once we launch this year's website for the camp, you'll be able to create an account and a proposed session. Watch here and social media for the announcement.



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