Expert in Drupal 7 online course – Try it free for a week!

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What are you waiting for join the most comprehensive training program in Drupal 7? Now you can try it free for a week!

And if you want to continue with the entire course, you can get a 10% off using the coupon code TRAINING10.

The Expert in Drupal 7 course includes Site Building and Development and is made up of 60 units and divided into 3 modules: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. After completing all three modules, students will develop a Final Project. The total course duration is 7 months with 420 hours of certified work, but you can shorten it if you spend more time.

While this training experience requires a significant amount of effort, you will save a considerable amount of time when compared to studying Drupal on your own. You won't leave anything on the way.

Beware, if you try it, you will want to continue!


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