League: need to add more teams to 1 player

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Since some soccer players play for more then 1 team per season - for example they play in Ajax and the Dutch National team, I need to be able to connect players to multiple teams. But I can't figure out how to do it in League.

I tried to set League up with OG groups before but I couldn't figure it out so I decided to go with taxonomy instead. I added my competions as a taxonomy now.

Is there a way to get this done so I can use the same player in several team line ups with using OG?


player taxonomy.

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What if you added players as taxonomy and then used taxonomy reference for adding players to teams. It is a bit of a workaround but it does what your talking about.

Anything can be improved if your main goal is to build it better. Don't try to fix a problem, try to make it better. Once it is better, try to make it better than that.

I dont think that would going

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I dont think that would going well with the setup of League since persons is a big part of the module and how it connects to other parts of it. I think I will have to give OG groups another shot. So I cleaned my server and I am going to do a nice, fresh install and see if I can get it right this time.

(I gave my client access to view and test a bit, but he got so exicited that he put in a shitload of content already. It is easier to start over then to try to and fix update all the content with new fields and settings. That will teach me for prefering to work on live servers with new sites).


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I know how that feels. I love it when my users pack a new install with so much junk I can't use it. You can always make a feed of the content to copy the info, but if it is using the wrong config that would be pointless. Too bad. Users love playing with the system. You should always tell your end users not to touch a dev system until you give them clearance too. I always give my end users a green flag to get on and test but tell them until I say green flag the system is off limits except for critical use.

Anything can be improved if your main goal is to build it better. Don't try to fix a problem, try to make it better. Once it is better, try to make it better than that.

OG and multiple teams for player

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OG could be use to handle different tournaments on a sigle installation. It has strong context management using PURL.
This is not a simple configuration but could be achieved following the league tutorial. Once done with the configuration, the rest is filter by OG, VIEWS and OG is tricky.
For the reports, mainly tables, VIEWS should filter them using OG, that needs a little OG understanding, there are several tutorials available and a VIEW example installed with OG.

Multiple teams

There is no simple way to handle multiple teams for a player.
If you want to do so you need to change players team before each game.
The problem is not the statistics, because they are recorded per game / team / player, so even if you change player's team they will be recorded properly.
As proposed it is not a clean solution, but could be improved if you add to fields to the player entity: league team and national team.
Then before each FIFA date or tournament run a rutine or views bulk operation to set the player's team to either league or local team.
Still not clean enough.