Seeking a collaborator for porting module to D8

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Hey Bostoners,

I'd post this as a job, but it's really a small contract gig, so it didn't feel appropriate as a "job" post. I'm looking for somebody local who is interested in porting the Insert View ( module to Drupal 8 for a site I'm developing with a Boston-based nonprofit.

I'm also interested to find local Drupal collaborators who share an interest in social justice.

Hit me up!



Porting a module to D8

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Hey Benji! Are you looking for somebody in Boston specifically? I'm part of Black Antelope which is a boutique agency that specializes in Drupal. I'm in Seattle and our lead engineer / my brother lives in Hong Kong. We're actually doing some heavy lifting module porting to Drupal 8 now, so taking on some more might be good for the D8 ecosystem and help it get to a stable place. I'm definitely interested in social justice and doing good.

If interested please check out our site and email me through the contact form.

Here's our client list:
Some design examples:

Sorry klez, I'm looking for

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Sorry klez, I'm looking for somebody local to Boston only.

North End

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Hey Benji. I sent you a message via the contact module on DO yesterday. I potentially have the time and interest in porting this module. Let me know if you're still looking.

Subject line refers to North End of Boston which is where I'm located. Sorry klez :)

Initial Port

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I went ahead and did the initial port to D8.

Of course, I don't have write access to the DO repo. so here it is on GH:

I created an issue as well:


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