Lakes Region Meetup?

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Jake & I bought a house!!

We are no longer in southern New Hampshire and will not be able to organize the Manchester Meetup any longer.

I am looking to pass the torch!!

Yes, tonight (9/10) there is supposed to be a meeting at the Farm. It can still happen without us. But, I didn't make the node.



Congratudolences on the house

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Congratudolences on the house purchase! :-)


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Well, we could initiate the new house!? But I suspect you would like to do that on your own.

What town are your new digs in? Wolfboro? You two are such excellent and reliable resources, your absence will be noticed!

I don't believe I'm anywhere near as reliable (or fun) to be a Manchester leader - and I would actually prefer if the meetings were closer to home - and the Lakes Region is closer. Will you be starting a "chapter" in the Lakes Region?


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CONGRATULATIONS!!! That's great news about the house.

As it happens, I have a conflict tonight and wouldn't be able to make it anyway.

As far as going forward, that will take some thought. Like Bruce, I'd like to see something closer to home. For me, that means Concord. But I doubt that's very good for you two.



Art has gone to the dogs


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I have to drop my oldest off downtown for dance at 5:30 and be at the zoning board meeting at 6, and pick her up at 7:45 or so, so if I get out of the ZB quickly I was thinking of stopping by the meetup until I have to go get her. But that was tentative anyway, and I don't know when I would get there.

I feel like Manchester is still a good central location for a meetup, although now fewer of the people who would attend regularly are there and another location might actually be better in that regard. I wish I could take it on but obviously my ability to attend from month to month is very inconsistent.

Concord could work as Roger said.

Alternatively, would an online meetup work for anyone? I'd hate to lose Michelle and Jake's involvement, for one thing (and thanks for all your effort over many years :)). That said, in person meeting has always been a big reason why it was successful and it's good to see everyone in person (when some of us can make it :)). But at least as far as the idea of setting aside some time every month or so with the focus of discussing Drupal topics, it could be worthwhile, just thought I would throw it out there.


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Well, that's closer to me than either the Lakes or Manchester, so I would obviously go for that venue.

On-line meet-ups are useful, but are prone to "technical glitches". It would be great if we could find a place that could host us as well as had good bandwidth. Food and drinks would be useful amenities too.

I haven't been able to think of anyplace in the Concord area. Yet. I'll work on it.

I like Mike's Idea of an online Meetup!

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If we met on line even I could attend! :) Bruce will shoot me for this suggestion but you could still meet at the Farm, just the Miles Smith Farm it would be about half way. (Sorry Bruce could not resist). I think I was the only regular person coming from the south side of NH so moving it further north may not be that big of a problem.


Mary M.

Lakes Region Drupal Beerup?

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Once Jake and I are settled, we want to start a Drupal Beerup. No laptops - just talking shop. If we can get enough interest, then we can look at more tech friend locations. At the moment, there is the two of us & Boz in Wolfeboro. Problem is that we are an hour from Laconia.

Michelle Lauer

Not a fan of Live Streamed Meetups

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I feel that the best part of Meetups is the face-to-face interaction (and the hugs). I would probably not attend a digital-only Meetup. That isn't to say you shouldn't organize one, but just worth noting.

Michelle Lauer

I'm with Michelle on this.

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I'm with Michelle on this. The face to face is the reason I attend. (and the beer). I'd love to find a way to keep the group together, and the idea of a beerup makes choosing a venue a little easier, as we wouldn't need to count on wifi.

Question is, where?



Art has gone to the dogs

New Location?

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The "regulars" live:
- Wolfeboro
- Hillsboro
- Loudon
- MA (works in Bedford)

The "semi-regulars" live:
- Nashua
- Manchester

Who am I forgetting?

If the meetup is moved to Concord:
- that would help Hillsboro & Loudon
- that would hurt MA, Nashua
- still too far for Wolfeboro on a regular basis
- Manchester wouldn't be able to make that extra time commitment driving

I would love to suggest splitting into more groups that are better geographically located, but we just don't have the people to do that. Not sure what to do.

Michelle Lauer

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