Is that hard to get Drupal Developer in Berwyn Area?

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We are looking for Drupal developer at my client place. But there not much candidates?
Is that hard to get candidates?


Drupal in Berwyn, PA

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Hi! My name is Eric Marcussen. I am a Managing Partner & Technical Director of Project X Creative Group (PXC) located in Berwyn, PA.

While PXC is a newly formed company, the managing partners have over 40 years of industry experience. We have been doing Drupal for many years. Any new site that we develop is in Drupal 7.

Please check out our site. You can check out my personal profile at

Please contact me if you would like to know more.


I an In Berwyn, Ill for 4 months out of the year

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I have Grandchildren there and customers (SEO).

Ah, but who's to say they're

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Ah, but who's to say they're not talking about Berwyn, Illinois? Or some town in the Berwyn mountain range in Wales? Or . . .

I am talking about Berwyn, PA

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I am talking about Berwyn, PA area

Do you offer a job? Not

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Do you offer a job? Not true?
I have experience Web Developer.

Yes, we are offering a Job.

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Yes, we are offering a Job. We are looking for locals

Thank you, I'm working

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Thank you, I'm working remotely. freelance

Hi, Have you attended your

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Have you attended your local Drupal User Group? I see you're in Chicago so there's a few bigger agencies who probably suck up all the talent who want to work locally. Many Drupalers work remote and it can often be the best way to get projects done as often they vary widely between project especially in agencies, unless they're focused.

There's a number of apprentice-type schemes people are graduating from depending on what skills you need. It's also good to cross-train which is a lot easier with Drupal 8 as based on industry-standard programming principles - Drupal 7 generally needs an experienced developer hence why there's a lack of them.

There's also if you haven't advertised on there.

Otherwise unless you're lucky it's a case of working out what you can offer that will make people want to join your company as opposed to the other options available.



...ah I see you're not near

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...ah I see you're not near chicago sorry! There'll still be a user group somewhere near, check out

It's out near Philly,

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It's out near Philly, shouldn't be hard to get candidates. There's a lot of Drupal shops in Philly and which is held annually.

Start a Drupal User Group in your area...

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If there is no Drupal group near you, perhaps you should think about starting one? Be careful not to be a vampire and just start it for your own purposes... reach out and see if others in your area would help get it going and then you will see how it grows feeds the developers in your town/area. I advise starting small with a meeting at a local coffee shop to gauge interest.
Just be considerate of others that want to share and others that need help!
Agaric also does a weekly online meeting to share tips and knowledge and help people overcome issues. every Monday at 1pm EST. There should be lots more of these meetings!

Handbook on Platform Cooperativism, a movement building platforms and tools owned by the people.


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You are more than welcome to use the Philadelphia Meet Up group to host and promote a meeting

FYI -- We've had mixed success in the past getting people to come out to meetings in the burbs, but it's worth a try.

NMS: Drupal Training & Services

Greater Philadelphia Drupal Meetup

Berwyn Drupal Design

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How can I help you? I am #1 when you google "Berwyn Drupal Design".

Nick Salas