Looking for Drupal 8 Configuration Management Contrib modules

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I am compiling a list of Drupal 8 Configuration Management modules for a project I am working on. These would be anything from Drush modules to dev tools for D8.


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This post http://nuvole.org/blog/2015/apr/27/drupal-8-configuration-management-fea... is lagging a few months behind (we wrote it 5 months ago) but it has some links and commentary.

Posts in our Drupal 8 series http://nuvole.org/blog/drupal-8 cover Configuration Management and often mention contrib modules or Drush commands, so you should be able to build an initial list by just scanning the posts.

I'd be interested to see the

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I'd be interested to see the results of this collection. A couple that come to mind, which you may already have:


Have fun!


Drupal console?

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Hi frob,

That sounds like a useful list. I don't know if you are still looking for input, but I saw this thread while traveling around after DC Barcelona, but didn't have a chance to reply till now. Perhaps you are already aware of the configuration-related commands in the Drupal Console project? If not, these commands (copied from the Console project's documentation) currently include:

Config-related Drupal Console commands
config:debug Show the current configuration.
config:edit Edit the selected configuration.
config:export Export current application configuration.
config:export:content:type Export a specific content type and their fields.
config:export:single Export single configuration as yml file.
config:import Import configuration to current application.
config:import:single Import the selected configuration.
config:override Override config value in active configuration.

For those not familiar, the Drupal Console project leverages Symfony's Console component to add useful Drupal-related commands for Drupal 8. The Console and Drush projects are separate, but of course there are some areas of overlap; that said, the Console and Drush project teams have been in close contact to improve both products and avoid too much unnecessary duplication of effort.
If anyone here would like to help, you can also fork the Drupal Console project on GitHub or help with its documentation.

About me:
  • Drupal evangelist
  • (Former) regular author of the Cocomore Drupal Blog
  • Systems tester / QA automation, Kairion GmbH / freelance

These are all great

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These are all great additions. I will do a write up of these and probably add this to a doc page. I will keep you posted on the status. Also, If any more ideas come up please add them here.