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We're at DrupalCamp Melbourne and we are having a discussion about creating drupal.org.au.

The outcome of our discussion is: we want drupal.org.au to aggregate events, host a directory of services, promote Drupal in Australia and provide a great place for the Australian community of Drupal users, developers, businesses, agencies, mentors, event organisers, speakers and potential clients to come together to see how rich and exciting the Drupal world is in Australia :)

We are looking to assemble a project team so if you think you'd be able to help us build this site, please comment on this post!! Here are some things you can help out with:

  • Project managing (herding cats)
  • Design
  • UX
  • Research
  • Testing
  • Development (front-end or back-end)
  • Marketing
  • Communications
  • Promotions

Register your interest here!


Front-end dev, design

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Hi, I can help out with front-end stuff.

I'm keen to work with a team

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I'm keen to work with a team on a Drupal 8 project - I'd like to find out more and could help with project management or development AND some testing.


Would be pleased to offer

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Would be pleased to offer some frontend, backend and hosting help.


Hi Amelia, great initiative.

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Hi Amelia, great initiative. I wouldn't mind helping with back-end development and marketing.

In addition to Jorge's time

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In addition to Jorge's time above, Doghouse will be willing to contribute hosting / Git / CI, and our chief UX designer is also willing to get involved.

Great idea and happy to jump

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Great idea and happy to jump aboard! Can offer UX / UI design direction.

Interesting concept

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Interesting concept! Happy to work on it. Can help with development (both) and management.

Sitback Team

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Hi Meelie,

It is a great initiative and Sitback Team will be glad to help. We can help with Project Management, UX and Dev (F/E and B/E).


Great idea!

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I reckon this is a great idea! Kudos to @rikki-iki and @meeli for proposing and leading this discussion.

One of the concerns raised against this during discussion yesterday was whether or not it might overlap with new GDO stuff that's coming that was talked about at DrupalCon Barcelona.

Here's that session for reference:

The meta issue is:

Thought it might useful for us to be aware of the wider context.

Donna Benjamin
Board Member Drupal Association

GDO is great, but

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I think drupal.org.au can be a much better showcase for Drupal than groups.drupal.org, which will always be more of a resource for Drupal developers than a user-facing one. There is currently a dearth of good-looking Drupal websites, and Drupal is usually seen as a staid, boring, dull CMS, at least in Australia. A well-designed and high-performance website showcasing all the best features of Drupal would go a long way towards fixing this. Being independent of groups.drupal.org would also give us more flexibility to do our own thing, rapid iterations, etc.

Happy to help out with code

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Happy to help out with code reviews and any backend code needed

I'm happy to help with

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I'm happy to help with backend and testing


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Marketing may not be my core area of expertise but I do have a Commerce degree and a penchant for words.

If needed, I'd be delighted to help with:
- Marketing strategy and implementation
- Content creation / moderation
- Social media engagement

I can also do front- and back-end development but it looks like there's plenty of help available there.

Happy to help with

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I am happy to help on site building, backend and hosting. Let know where do I send my resume.

Join our chat room

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Hi all,

I'm going to collate your responses here into a document to help us get organised. For now, please join our Slack chat room.

You can grab an invite at drupal.org.au and we'll add you so we can get started by all being in the same place.


Signup is broken

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When I enter my email address, I get an error saying:

There was an error sending your invite. Please contact the administrator with the following error details. The error message from slack was:

I did not get any invitation

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I did not get any invitation in my email?

Sorry guys the Slack form

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Sorry guys the Slack form isn't quite right! Working on a fix now :)

I'm currently between jobs, so

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let me know if you need a hand.

Slack integration is fixed,

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Slack integration is fixed, sorry for the inconvenience. Multiple issues have been opened in the contrib module:


Help with user research

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Can I ask you all to fill out this form pretty please? http://drupal.org.au/contact/user_research
And send through to anyone else you think would have something valuable to input?

User Research FTW!

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@rikki_iki said:

Can I ask you all to fill out this form pretty please?
And send through to anyone else you think would have something valuable to input?

I filled it out, tweeted it, and shared on meetup too.

Donna Benjamin
Board Member Drupal Association

Acquia Community Hosting

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Hi all, just putting this comment here that has been vocalised within the slack chat room that if the community prefers, Acquia is more than happy to provide community hosting/devops tooling/CloudAPI etc for the drupal.org.au site.


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Removing duplicate post.


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