Google Code-in 2015 blogs

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In this discussion, I suggest GCI 2015 participants share links to their blogs, where they're writing about Drupal because there are many tasks wich require blogging. As for me, I'm very interested in reading a really good post about Drupal.

It's my blog: Read, discuss and share it with your friends! :)

Also, I have an idea to create a site (with Drupal, of course) wich will collect and aggregate blog post of GCI 2015 participants, news about GCI and another stuff that related to it. What do you think about it?


Good idea, but...

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We encourage the idea to build a website aggregating all of the student blogs, but please don't post them into this group. Our goal is to retain group membership long after GCI. Posting tons of similar blog posts posted by many students will cause older members to unsubscribe.

ok, I understand you. In this

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ok, I understand you. In this thread, I want just to collect links to homepages of student blogs.