Towards a standardized Drupal curriculum for Drupal Companies

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I run an exclusive Drupal agency and we have been working with Drupal for almost 10 years now. We have hired and trained scores of people in Drupal over these years. We are looking to compile and publish our Drupal Training Curriculum under GFDL in an attempt to create a standardized Drupal curriculum for Drupal companies. You can read more about this at the announcement about the open curriculum project at

I see that there was an effort in the past to build something collaboratively. Our training team has a mandate to get our curriculum ready by March 31, 2016 as we are looking to hire and train another 200 developers over the coming year and that would be impossible without putting in effort towards a standardized curriculum independent of the trainers.

We are looking to use this same group to coordinate effort around this project. I am thinking of using the same set of wiki pages that was used for the earlier effort to build out the content for the curriculum. I hope this is going to be alright, I am not too sure though. I have reached out to some of the earlier contributors to the wiki pages about this.

Look forward to inputs and feedback as we progress through this project. Thanks in advance.


Table of contents for content under this initiative