Mentors - what to do next

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I would like to sign up as mentor for Google Summer of Code 2016. What do I have to do next? Do we need to register on some Google site? Do we take part in the voting process which student proposals get accepted?


Hey, I think these guys can

Hey Klaus, the site is at

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Hey Klaus, the site is at, but don't remember if you can sign up and apply for Drupal as organization or if the above contacts should invite you.

Hope this helps

Christian López Espínola (@penyaskito)

More information soon

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Student proposals just ended and we're currently sorting through all of the spam proposals. Information will be available on next steps for mentors soon...

What to do next

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Details @

Mentors, what to do next? If you want to help review proposals, read the details @

Mentors, if you want to be a mentor, but don't have time to review proposals, wait until April 22nd when Google announces projects.

Mentors without a project selected after April 22 can still be a mentor. Our goal is to team up as many mentors on projects as possible. Feel free to add your name to list of available mentors @ - we will contact you after April 22nd.