2016 Michigan Drupal Camp

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The polling is in and July 16th is the preferred day for the camp. I have reserved the space with the Libraries, now we need to get organizing.

TRACKS/Breakout Sessions

Per our agreement with MSU, we will have a track on using Drupal in Digital Humanities and Libraries (to submit a session in this track, contact Megan Kudzia kudzia@mail.lib.msu.edu). I would also suggest a design track, a development/programming track and at least one other track (any preferences?). If someone wants to coordinate a particular track, you are welcome to, otherwise, people can contact me (finkenb2@mail.lib.msu.edu or kwfinken on Drupal.org).


We need volunteers to step up for the following roles:

  • Coordinate Food/Lunch (Catered or Reservations Near By?) - Paul Cooper has volunteered.
  • Coordinate Tracks/Speakers
  • Coordinate Registration/Payment (Anyone experienced working with the Drupal Assn. on this?)
  • Sponsors/Vendors/Exhibits
  • Publications/Advertising
  • Other

Since all this is happening at MSU, I am willing to take the lead in coordinating the overall event, but I am also willing to let someone else take the lead. Either way, I can't do it ALL by myself. Let me know how you can help.


Food for thought

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Coordinate Food/Lunch (Catered or Reservations Near By?)

In the past, Universities have required us to use their catering service(s). Is that a requirement here? If not, I'm open to a local's suggestion on what restaurants would be a good candidate to cater this event.

Coordinate Tracks/Speakers
Coordinate Registration/Payment (Anyone experienced working with the Drupal Assn. on this?)

I think a prerequisite to all of these items would be to get the website up and running. I've put in a request to @zak.schlemmer from Matrix (@MSU) to see if he can clone the 2015 site into a new docroot and we could start with that for the 2016 site. If anyone else has the resources to host the site, please respond.

The payment to the DA is super easy, we just input their credentials into the Paypal WPS payment method in the Commerce configuration, and make sure we name our ticket registration product with "DrupalCamp Michigan 2016" in the product title, and they take care of the rest for us. We then cover any expenses ourselves, and then make a request for reimbursement to the DA. I believe Zengenuity and Commercial Progression were the only ones who needed re-imbursement last year, so I'll defer to their recollection in that regard.

For any hopeful sponsors, we also make Commerce products on the website for sale, and sponsors can then purchase them through PayPal.

2016 Website Up and Running

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@zak.schlemmer from Matrix (@MSU) has responded, and cloned the 2015 site for us into a new docroot, and Alex from Commercial Progression added a new subdomain to point to the host, so the website is now live, thanks guys!


I went ahead with the 2016 clone and cleared out all the old content, users and orders, and re-opened up user account registration and session proposal submissions.


If I don't hear any objections, I'll plan to open up ticket registration and sponsor slots using pricing from the past 2 camps:

Ticket price: $15.00
Gold Sponsor: $500.00 (3 slots)
Silver Sponsor: $300.00 (4 slots)
Bronze Sponsor: $100.00 (5 slots)

TICKET REGISTRATION NOW OPEN: http://2016camp.michigandrupal.com/register


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Since we have flexibility on catering, do people prefer things catered in or that we do a lunch break at surrounding restaurants. (We could even book a room at the Brody center and have a keynote during lunch).


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I think we'd lose valuable time by letting people loose for lunch, not to mention the missed opportunities for networking. My vote would be for catering during the event, and then have an after party wherever.

I agree that on-site catered

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I agree that on-site catered lunch would aid in keeping the flow of the conference and networking opportunities.

Food requirements

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The Library has told us that the food situation is don't ask, don't tell.

Site Hosting

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I could host the site on my server or we could host the site on CP's server. Both have more than enough headroom to handle what load the site generates.

I can set-up an account and share credentials with anyone needs them.


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I am about 95% certain that Pantheon is offering camps free hosting if you want to go that route.


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I filled out Pantheon's contact form asking about their process. Will post back when they respond.

Thank you Tyler

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Thanks for setting up http://2016camp.michigandrupal.com/ for us! I think the prices are great.

I logged in to the site and submitted a session proposal. Since I am helping organizing this, can you give my account an elevated (admin) role for the website.