Google Summer of Code 2016 - Selected Projects

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Did you know Drupal was accepted into Google Summer of Code 2016 and that 11 Drupal projects were accepted? In other words, Google is funding 11 people to contribute to Drupal for 10 weeks worth a total of $60,500 USD (thank you Google!). Congratulations to selected students who are collectively credited on more than 100 issues fixed in the past 3 months on Coding starts May 23rd and ends August 23rd.

Majority of projects are focused on work related to Drupal 8 contributed modules. Drupal's students are from 4 different continents and we currently have 26 mentors from 12 countries with over 150 years of experience on As always, we're excited about this summer and we hope community members will provide an extra helping hand if you see students in queues. Learn more about our projects below.

Project: Social API
Student: Getulio Sánchez "gvso" (Paraguay).
Mentors dahacouk (UK), e0ipso (Spain), pcambra (Spain).

Project: Solving content conflicts with merge algorithms in Drupal 8
Student: Rakesh Verma "rakesh_verma" (India).
Mentors: dixon (Sweden), timmillwood (UK), jeqq (Moldova).

Project: Port Mailhandler to Drupal 8
Student: Milos Bovan "mbovan" (Serbia).
Mentors: miro_dietiker (Switzerland), Primsi (Slovenia).

Project: CKEditor plugins for TMGMT
Student: Saša Nikolič "sasanikolic" (Slovenia)
Mentors: miro_dietiker (Switzerland), Berdir (Switzerland).

Project: Port search configuration module to Drupal 8
Student: Joyce George "joyceg" (India)
Mentors: naveenvalech (India), heykarthikwithu (India), neetu (India).

Project: Integrate Google Cloud Vision API to Drupal 8
Student: Arpit Jalan "ajalan065" (India)
Mentors: naveenvalech (India), penyaskito (Spain), eugene_ilyin (Russia).

Project: Port Google Login Authenticator To Drupal 8
Student: Mehul Gupta "therealssj" (India)
Mentors: nerdstein (USA), attiks (Belgium).

Project: Media Solution Module
Student: Vijay Nandwani "royal121" (India)
Mentors: slashrsm (Slovenia), paranojik (Slovenia).

Project: Web Component-ize Drupal 8
Student: Tianlei Zheng "ztl8702" (Australia)
Mentors: skyredwang (China), Wimleers (Belgium).

Project: Add Password-based Public-key Encryption to Drupal 8
Student: Talha Paracha "talhaparacha" (Pakistan)
Mentors: nerdstein (USA), colan (Canada), jibran (Pakistan).

Project: Porting Comment alter module to Drupal 8
Student: Anchal Pandey "anchal29" (India)
Mentors: Boobaa (Hungary), czigor (Hungary).

Final call for mentors. Are you interested in helping any of the projects above? Contact Slurpee on, find us in #drupal-google on Freenode, and join us at

A special "Thank you" goes out to for providing all of our students a free account.



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Great.. very interested to join Google Summer code 2016.

Wonderful news

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That's wonderful news. Congratulations to selected students.

Google meets Drupal

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Great combination and initiative which'd definitely help community in large..!!

Google Summer of Code

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what dose the Google Summer of Code mean ?

Please check the information

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Please check the information here


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What are the requirements so that Google will fund such a project? Is it Drupal there has contacted Google or the other way around?

Congratulations to the selected students - that will be a huge experience.

Frontender at

RE: Requirements

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GSoC is already in progress for 2017, but Drupal hopes to participate in 2018 too.

Learn more at official website @

Join our Drupal specific group @

Join us on IRC at Freenode in #drupal-google

Read Drupal's documentation for new gsoc students @

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Updates are required to remove bugs and increase speed. CKEditor plugins for TMGMT updated thanks god !!

Dr.Peter Nguyen is a dentist at Genuine Dental Arts in Newport Beach, CA. Dr. Peter love his work and learning web development in his extra time.

Social API

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Social API is a project that I wanna be part.

Social API project page

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You can test the project already. This is its project page


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Congratulations to the

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Congratulations to the selected students. That is very cool!

I love the support Google do

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I love the support Google do for education and technology. I think this is one of the biggest reasons for them to be the best, help for anything good.

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Awesome !

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Hi Mehul Gupta,

Just noticed you here, congratulations and good luck :)


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I love the way that Google do.
This is the reason i love google than facebook.

Love - SEOER at bếp từ

most excited about

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most excited about password-based encryption! FTW guys

chung cư 99 trần bình

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I love the way that Google do.
This is the reason i love google than facebook