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I am trying to use webform module for a fairly uncomplicated task, where the user fills in details and then after submission the form redirects to another page.

What I discovered is that all my existing webforms and this one are automatically redirecting to the google website.


Interestingly the URL is sending cookie to the browser, so the original URL is probably google.com.

Having said that, I am unable to figure out where this is coming from. It is only when I enter a webform, even if webform is not in the URL.

I don't think it is a virus and I cannot find anything in the webform module.


Hey, How's it going...

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Check if you have rules module on, if you do check if it's some rules doing that the path is admin/config/workflow/rules

update: One more thing, is the redirect happening when you hit any webform or after creating new ones?


My bad...

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Yes - thanks for your help. I added in a rule to see whether redirect would work and then forgot about it when I got back into the project.

Remove the rule and all is good.

Good stuff! Yeah lots of

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Good stuff! Yeah lots of moving parts so it's easy to forget some, glad it was an easy fix then.


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