Drupal 8 Essential Training - Intermediate - Free enrolment until August 20.

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Dear Friends,
NO programming skills is required. This course is suitable for anyone who want to use and manage Drupal 8 in their organisation.


There are over 60+ videos in this series (Beginner 30+ Intermediate 30+) and it will be regularly updated.

Enrolment is FREE until August 20. Pass it on to your friends who may benefit from learning Drupal 8.


Also please subcribe to my Drupalsite.me youtube channel to get course updates.


Kanna Das


I have subcribed your youtube

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I have subcribed your youtube channel ! thanks so much !

After Sales Service

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After I am buy your course at https://www.udemy.com/learndrupal/, are we can chatting for solving my problem?

Cause I want to repair my website [chiller(dot)id], so I must to contact you for suggest about my problem and give me a solution.

I am waiting for your response.

Refcon Polar Nusaindo


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