Drupal, Theming, HTTP/2, Ember

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2016-10-20 18:00 - 21:00 Australia/Sydney
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User group meeting

There will be two presentations at the Sydney Meetup this month. First up Matt will look at Drupal 8 theming with Classy and how it works with HTTP/2. Boris will then give us some keen insights on leveraging Drupal and Ember for best results.


1800 Drinks
1830 Presentations
1915 Lightning talks and announcements
1930 Drinks, pizza, socialising and mentoring
2100 Kickout

Classy Theming With HTTP/2 In Mind by Matt Thorne

With HTTP/2 fast approaching and with it the possibility of multiplexing and server push, a lot of the old best practices will actually slow the page load time. Using Classy as a base theme Matt is going to look at the interactions of the preprocess, libraries & templates. Splitting up all of your css & js code into individual components and calling each component only when required. This way when you do make the switch to HTTP/2 all you will have to do is turn off aggregation.

Drupal 8 and Ember - a full stack rapid web development toolkit by Boris Gordon

Drupal 8 aims to provide most of the tools you need to setup a great CMS out of the box with almost a RAD approach to content modelling and building authoring features. It also purports to have top notch REST facilities. Ember is a "batteries included" client side framework for building rich web apps with a focus on solving common patterns and problems. This talk explores the promise of using these two high leverage toolkits together and how their approaches are often quite similar and why they might have a strong future together. It also covers some of the rough edges of working with both as they exist today.

letsencrypt.org and SSL with Drupal by Alastair Moore

An introductory lightning talk.


Will there be

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Will there be slides/recordings available? Interested in both sessions.

FB Live stream

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I will see if I can do a facebook live stream.

sorry, don't use facebook -

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sorry, don't use facebook - thanks anyway

If the video is public you

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If the video is public you can view it without a facebook account. If it is still a deal breaker then hangout is an option.

Thanks, I am just keen for

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Thanks, I am just keen for slides if possible. Thanks


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