Ideas to help Drupal promote GSoC/GCI

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From GCI Task
"Document 5 ideas to help Drupal promote GSoC/GCI"

  1. Promote on Drupal landing page. Maybe in the monthly post. I see there is a post like "What’s new on - October 2016". So before the contest start about 1-3 months, include the GSoC/GCI news in the post.

  2. Tweet about GSoC/GCI in Drupal official Twitter. Use GSoC/GCI hashtag.

  3. Write interesting stories about finalists from previous years.

  4. Promote GSoC/GCI in Drupal developer documentation. If they have any tasks for students, please add them to GSoC/GCI.

  5. Create website, flyers, logos etc. The most important is the user-friendly and modern design. New students might get afraid if the documentation page, FAQ are hard to read or having an old design.

  6. Speaking about GSoC/GCI in Drupalcon. Tell developers that moreover help contributing to drupal is become mentors in GSoC/GCI!


Tell me more about this

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Tell me more about this