How to do load testing for a Drupal 7 Web Application with authorized users

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There is a Drupal 7 Web Application which provides personal chats, group chats, real-time polls, theater, and other activities for authorized users.

Hence, the Application contains a lot of callbacks from Front End to Back End.
I think it does not matter: They are callbacks to Drupal ( and callbacks to node.js (

How to test it under loading, simulating the presence of a plurality of users?


random login module

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Hi ArtuDrop,

I created a random-auto-login module once, exactly for this purpose (loadtesting a logged-in environment). Much easier to use than facilitating a login/SSO cycle in your tests. I'll see if I can put it online today.


Here you go:

That module should almost

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That module should almost have a dependency on

Ha, Ha. reinier-V, Does it

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Ha, Ha.
reinier-V, Does it work for any user (guest) or for random user (guest)?

It just logs an anonymous

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It just logs an anonymous user in as a random drupal user from the local user-base, (could be any role).
There's no guest user or user with username 'random' or anything. It's really random.

This enables you to do a normal anonymous jmeter-test and still make use of restricted pages/uri's/content.
For a proper jmeter test, every concurrent connection should have it's own session hence simulating the same amount of unique users.

Just for references

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There is a detailed example of auth load tests with jmeter in the OReilly Drupal Perf. Book: